Is a Cordless Hot Air Styling Brush a Better Choice in 2020?

If you’ve ever tangled with a cord when using your hot styling tool, you know how frustrating & how dangerous it can be. Why can’t those hair tools manufacturers produce something that is totally battery-operated? So we don’t have to suffer from cord hassle.

Actually, there are some cordless hot air brushes in the market that seem to be perfect for fixing the problem. But the fact is that they are never the top sellers in the industry.

We are going to take a closer look at these available cordless hot air brushes today, and find out the reason why a cordless hot air brush is not a popular option.

Best Cordless Hot Air Brushes for Sale in 2020

1. SS SHINY Portable Cordless Hot Air Curling Brush

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Styling your hair on-the-go, is particularly convenient with this cordless hot air curling brush, which is powered by a li-ion battery.

The built-in battery’s capacity is 5000mAH, and you can easily charge the product with a USB cord. They claim that you can use this rechargeable brush up to 56 minutes by adjusting the heat to the low setting.

Besides, with an aluminum soleplate, the battery-operated curling brush can faster the heat up time. And there is an LED indicator that tells you the current temperature and the battery power left.

According to the seller, the highest temperature of this wireless hot air brush is 210 degrees Celsius, which is about 410° Fahrenheit.

2. WBPINE Rechargeable Cordless Hot Air Hair Straightener Brush

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Using the WBPINE cordless straightening brush to achieve relaxed hair without the hassle of the cord is probably a good idea.

Instead of a round brush, from the design, you will see this styling brush is designed for detangling and straightening for sure. And the rechargeable hot air hair brush comes with two 3000mAH batteries, you can easily take it out and replace the batteries.

The heat-up time is about 60 seconds to get 400° Fahrenheit. Compared to regular hot air brush, it is considered to be slow as it is a portable cordless model.

You have heat settings: 300°F, 350°F, 400°F. And each battery can last up to 56 minutes, according to WBPINE. For a traveler that needs a small battery-powered styling brush, this product could be a good fit.

3. KLI Cordless Hot Air Curling Iron Brush

KLI Cordless Hot Air Curling Iron Brush
This KLI cordless hair tool is a versatile product and it can work as a hot air brush, straightener, curling wand, and a hot comb.

It also needs one minute to heat up and its max temperature is 392°f. As a travel-friendly hair tool, the styling brush comes with a dual voltage feature for you to recharge the brush anywhere.

To fully charge the battery, you need 90 minutes. And the battery can last for 30 minutes when using. What is special about this product is that the seller says it emits negative ions when styling, this is quite rare for a portable hair tool.

Do I Recommend You Buy A Cordless Hot Air Brush? My Answer Is No!

A cordless hot air brush may be a good solution to upgrade the styling experience, but they are not still strongly recommended, just like a cordless hair dryer.

A Cordless Hot Air Brush Is Poor-Performance

If you expect these battery-operated hot stylers can be as powerful as regular hot air brushes, then you might be disappointed.

Although the sellers claim they can reach a very high temperature up to 400 degrees, the batteries will die out very quickly. So, it is unlikely these cordless curling brushes can deliver constant hot air like normal hot air brushes with cord.

Usually, these battery-powered stylers can provide 30 minutes to 60 minutes working time. If you use the highest setting, I believe you will run out of the batteries in a shorter time. And it is impossible to get a good hairstyle within minutes.

We Couldn’t Find Cordless Hot Air Brushes From Reputable Brands

Unfortunately, the brands that have cordless hot air styling brushes above, we have never heard of any of them.

We searched online to find if there was any famous hair tool brand that had similar battery-powered hair tools. Unluckily, the answer is No. We even have found some Conair vintage curling brushes that are completely cordless, but the problem is that they don’t emit hot airflow at all.

Due to the current situation, in our viewpoint, buying an innovative cordless hot air brush is still not a smart option.

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