Buying a Panasonic Dryer? See This Ionity vs Nanoe Comparison

There are a lot of different styles of hair dryers, but buying an affordable and effective Panasonic dryer can be your favorite. They might not have the fanciest features and technologies, but Panasonic hair dryers are known for their reliability and decent drying ability.

In this post, we are going to help you to choose between the Panasonic Ionity dryer and the Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer, so you can choose your best Panasonic dryer if you are interested in buying a new blow dryer. The models of Ionity and Nanoe hair dryers can be different because of countries and regions, and I will try to summarize the common cons and pros.

Differences Between Ionity Technology and Nanoe Technology

For people who have no idea what these technologies are, Panasonic has briefly explained why Ionity Technology and Nanoe Technology are different on their website. And they claim that Nanoe technology is able to deliver 1,000 times more moisture than regular hair dryers with negative ions. Besides, Nanoe technology produces nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles, and these particles penetrate hair more effectively than regular ions to keep your hair moist and hydrated when blow drying.

Drying Performance

Thanks to the Nanoe technology, hair dryer with Nanoes are better than the Ionity series when it comes to blocking heat damage and adding smoothness to hair. The Nanoe hair dryers wattage usually falls between 1200 watts to 1875 watts, so they might not be the fastest hair dryer that dries your hair. But your hair can be perfectly hydrated and protected by fine water particles.

On the other hand, you can find very powerful Ionity models that are up to 2500 watts, and there are many Ionity hair dryers that come with a motor that is more than 2000 watts. These high-wattage hair dryers provide extremely strong and powerful airflow. With the ion conditioning feature, you still have decent heat protection as well.

Nanoe Hair Dryers Are Usually Bulky


Panasonic brings a Nanoe generator to the Nanoe dryers, which you can find on the front of any Nanoe blow dryers. But the Nanoe generator makes nanoe hair dryers taller and larger than regular hair dryers, and it’s not pretty friendly for travelers compared to those mini-sized blow dryers.

If you need a Panasonic hair dryer that is portable and powerful, Ionity hair dryers will be a better fit. There’re plenty of Ionity hair dryers that are quiet, small, but more powerful compared to regular dryers. Of course, you also have low wattage models with foldable handles for Panasonic Ionity hair dryers – the low wattage motors and compact designs allow them to have a smaller size.

Ionity Hair Dryers Are Cheaper

We can’t simply say that a Nanoe hair dryer is definitely more expensive than an Ionity hair dryer, the price varys based on specific models. But generally speaking, most Panasonic Ionity hair dryers are more budget-friendly than Nanoe hair dryers. And the most pricey Panasonic hair dryer right now is a Nanoe blow dryer that is equipped with Double Mineral technology.

Conclusion – Panasonic Ionity vs Nanoe Hair Dryer

If you need to choose between a Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer and an Ionity hair dryer, I would recommend you go for the Nanoe hair dryer, especially you will use it at home. It’s more friendly to your hair, and you will easily achieve shiny and soft hair without having any hair blowing skills. But I’m not saying you need to buy the most expensive Nanoe model with the latest features and the fanciest technologies. From my personal experience, Panasonic’s high-end Nanoe hair dryers did not amaze me pretty much.

You do have a few reasons to get a Panasonic Ionity dryer, it’s more portable and it’s cheaper than Nanoe dryers. If you only need a reliable hair dryer with decent airflow but without a complicated heat system, you’ll be impressed by a Panasonic Ionity hair dryer.

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