Top 5 Folding Hair Dryers: Space-Savers for Perfect Blowouts

Imagine this: Every time you relive your holiday by photos, they would remind you of those bad hairstyle days when you dried your hair with terrible hotel blow dryers. What a nightmare!

Luckily, there are folding hair dryers on the market to best meet your needs.

I’ve rounded up the best folding hair dryers for every budget, and outlined the buying information that matters to ensure you’ll make a smart purchase when choosing foldable hair dryers.


What makes a good folding hair dryer?

How to choose the right foldable hair dryer?

Best folding hair dryers list of 2020

Folding Hair Dryer: Essential Factors to Note

With all the options for folding hair dryers out there, it’s quite easy to get lost and purchase some random device that you came across.

There are certain features and buying information that could give you the clue to the best folding blow dryer.

Definitely keep an eye out for these features that will make the folding hair dryer more likely to meet your needs.



If you’re looking for a compact hair dryer that can be folded in half, you obviously don’t want to deal with a giant piece of device.

Whether the foldable hair dryer is for traveling or for at-home blowouts, you definitely would love a mini hair dryer that is easy on your storage space. The smaller the hair dryer is, the easier it is to be stored or carried around.


Whenever I look for a small folding hair dryer, the weight is one of my first considerations, which is for a couple of reasons.

When you dry your hair frequently with the compact foldable hair dryer, the last thing you want to do is to hold a heavy folding hair dryer during the daily blow-out process.

Furthermore, if you plan to travel with the folding handle hair dryer, you definitely won’t desire a heavy hair dryer with a folding handle to weigh your luggage down further.

To save yourself the possibility of frustration, look for a folding hair dryer that is lightweight and compact.



Attachments are necessary to accommodate your different styling needs. Hair dryer nozzle and diffuser are the most common attachments for folding hair dryers.

You probably won’t need them all. A nozzle for a small foldable hair dryer would be sufficient to provide you with better control of the airflow.

If you’re all about professional-grade styling or if you want to add some curves to your hair, the additional attachments like diffusers would come in handy.

For better hairstyling experience, look for a folding hair dryer that comes bundled with the attachments you need.

Heat & power settings


Folding hair dryer with variable speed and heat settings will make it easier for you to complete your preferred hairstyle for the day.

Aside from the hairstyling flexibility, adjustable speed and heating settings of folding hair dryers can protect your hair from overheating damage as well.

Use the lower settings at the end of the blow-out process, which could easily set your hairstyle and make the hair look shiny all day.

Bonus features

Foldable hair dryer with additional features would provide you with advanced hair drying experience, but it may be too much for daily blow-outs and may cost a bit more than the ordinary ones.

A folding hair with ceramic technology would help to keep your hair glowy and healthy. And hair dryers with retractable cord and dual voltage would make a perfect foldable travel hair dryer.

Folding Hair Dryer: Choose the Right One

How much does a decent small folding hair dryer cost? How do I choose the best folding hair dryer? How to spot the right compact foldable hair dryer out of hundreds of brands out there?

Picking the right folding blow dryer is quite a personal and complicated process. To help you pick the right folding hair dryer, blow are the major things to consider before you actually place an order.

1. High-end folding hair dryer or affordable folding hair dryer?

If you’ve ever tried to shop a foldable hair dryer, you’d find the price can go down to $15 and all the way up to $400.

While chances are you would find exceptions, a foldable hair dryer is the beauty product I would recommend to splurge on because a foldable hair dryer with a higher price tag is more likely to last longer and keep your hair healthier.

For sure, folding hair dryers priced under $20 can get the job done. However, it could be worn out in one or two years.

Also, foldable hair dryers priced under $20 tend to have low wattage and lack advanced tech like ceramic and porcelain, which means it will rely on high temperatures to dry your hair. In the long run, it will easily cause hair damage and split ends.

2. At-home or travel foldable hair dryers?

If you’re looking for a compact foldable hair dryer for at-home use, the following things aren’t something you need to worry about. However, if you plan to take this mini foldable hair dryer to travel around, these features are the must-have.

Look for dual voltage folding hair dryers if you are a worldwide traveler. It will save you the trouble of bringing a voltage converter while traveling.

And go for folding hair dryer with retractable cord if it’s meant to be your travel buddy. It will save you some space and the frustration to deal with cords when packing.

3. What is your hair type?


There is no doubt that your hair type is the fundamental consideration when choosing small foldable blow dryers.

For damaged hair, you need a foldable blow dryer with professional-grade features like ceramic, porcelain and infrared technology which will help improve the condition of damaged hair.

If you have curly hair, look for a foldable hair dryer with a diffuser to protect the curl pattern and to reduce frizz while gently drying your hair.

Ionic folding hair dryers are ideal for people with frizzy hair. To significantly tame the frizz, look for an ionic foldable blow dryer featured ceramic and tourmaline technology. For more info about hair dryers for frizzy hair, read this.

5 Best Folding Hair Dryers of 2020 (Our Top Picks)

Below, we’ve rounded up a mix of our top picks of best foldable hair dryers you can buy in 2020, including best travel-size folding blow dryers, best folding handle hair dryers and more!

Now, let’s get to the best folding hair dryer for your hair – and your budget!

Best Folding Hair Dryer Overall: BaBylissPRO NANO Titanium Compact Foldable Hair Dryer


BaBylissPRO Foldable Dryer
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The BabylissPRO folding hair dryer merges all the power and features of a full sized hair dryer into a compact body.

Featuring dual voltage and an ultra-lightweight body, this hair dryer with a folding handle is perfect for travel or the gym.

With various speed and heating settings and a concentrator nozzle included, the small foldable hair dryer ensures the hairstyling flexibility for different hair types.

This model also features Tourmaline Titanium technology to emit ions while blowing out, which will help fight static and achieve a shiny finished look.

  • Ultra-lightweight & Dual voltage – worldwide travel
  • Concentrator Nozzle
  • 2 heat & speed settings
  • Tourmaline Titanium technology

Best Mini Travel Foldable Hair Dryer: T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer


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The T3 featherweight mini foldable hair dryer makes the most of its compact size. It combines all the features you’d ask for a full-sized blow dryer into one travel-ready body.

Infused with T3 SoftAire technology, it generates a high volume of ion-enriched airflow that dries your hair quickly and gently, whiling setting your hair for a shiny and silky finish.

The negative ions emitted while blowing out also significanly seal the cuticle to effectively retain moisture, helping to cut down frizz and promote healthier-looking hair.

Feauring dual voltage and 9-foot long power cord, the T3 folding hair dryer with travel tote weights 2 pounds, making it the best pick for travel foldable hair dryer.

  • Dual voltage
  • 2 heat & speed settings
  • T3 SoftAire technology
  • Comes with a storage tote & nozzle
  • Professional 9ft. Cord

Best Budget Folding Hair Dryer: Conair Travel Folding Hair Dryer


Conair travel hair dryer with folding handle
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Compact, powerful and affordable, Conair 1875 watt worldwide travel hair dryer with folding handle is the best travel-size folding blow dryer for the value.

Equipped with 3 heats and 2 speed settings, the folding blow dryer works perfectly for all hair types. The cool shot button allows you to lock hair styles in place with ease.

Infused with ionic technology, the affordable folding hair dryer eliminates frizz and enhances hair’s smoothness.

  • Dual voltage
  • 3 heat & 2 speed settings
  • Ionic technology
  • Concentrator included

Best Foldable Hair Dryer with Diffuser: Hot Tools Professional Ionic Folding Travel Dryer

Hot Tools Professional Ionic Folding Travel Dryer
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Looking at the best foldable hair dryer for styling your hair? The Hot Tools Ionic Folding Travel Blow Dryer is for you.

The diffuser included will add amazing volume to your look, and works flawlessly to protect your curl pattern. If you have curly hair or want to add natural volume to your look, this will be the best option for you.

Featuring Ion Technology and a cool shot button, the foldable blow dryer lets you reduce the frizz for a silky finish, and set the desired hairstyle in place all day long.

  • Dual voltage
  • Ion Technology
  • 2 heat & speed settings
  • Diffuser & nozzle included
  • Hinged end cap for easy filter cleaning

Best Folding Hair with Quick-Dry Nozzle: Panasonic NA27 Foldable Compact Hair Dryer

Panasonic NA27 Foldable Compact Hair Dryer
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Aren’t we all pressed for time in the morning? The Panasonic small folding blow dryer is the solution to speed up your drying time.

Designed to dry any type of hair faster, the small foldable hair dryer with quick-dry nozzle simultaneously directs strong and soft airflows into hair for quicker and smoother drying from roots to ends.

Infused with the Moisture-Rich nanoe Technology, this folding hair hydrates your hair by drawing moisture from the air and infusing them into hair for shinier, frizz-free, and salon-quality results.

  • 3 heat & speed settings
  • Quick-dry nozzle
  • Moisture-Rich nanoe Technology

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