Cute & Healthy – Sun Bum Heat Protector Review

What is the most important thing for choosing a heat protectant? The heat protection and skin-friendliness.

The Sum Bum heat protector claims to be a very healthy item that is 100% sulfate-free & paraben-free.

Will this cute little bottle delivers big performance? Let’s put it on the table and hope you may think this review will be helpful to you.

The Package Is Cute

Unlike other hair products that look similar to fancy makeup, the Sun Bum spray does not come with a pretty upscale package.

The appearance of the spray is plain but cute. The plastic bottle with a huge yellow money logo actually looks funny. The whole bottle is transparent so that you can see what it is inside crystal-clear.

Sun Bum Heat Protector

I love the color of spray because you can see the liquids are half clear and half light-blue. Sum Bum says it’s their special two-phase formula.

They also recommend you to shake and mix the formula well before using this heat protectant spray.

The Spray Is Light & Fresh

For people who are wondering if this heat protectant that will make your hair greasy, you are safe now.

This product leaves a lightweight finish on your hair, and it’s not heavy or sticky at all.

Besides, the tropical smell of this Sum Bum spray is also pretty light, you can hardly smell the scent of it.

If I have to say something to describe it, the scent of this Sum Bum reminds me of a coconut tree.

But don’t worry, the smell is quite clean and it dissipates quickly, not overpowering at all.

It Makes Hair Soft & Smooth, But Doesn’t Tame Frizz Well

After a normal blowout with this product, my hair was actually more smooth and it feels nourished. And it also gave the hair a lot of healthy shine.

However, although my hair feels comfortable and silky on the outside, the Sum Bum heat protector does not eliminate all the frizz on your hair.

I feel like I can always find some strands inside my curly hair that are frizzy. And the smooth result starts to fade slowly after several hours.

Thermal Protection

No products found.

There is nothing related to the heat protection specs on the bottle.

When using heating tools, I guess the product can protect heat damage up to around 400 degrees.

400-degree protection is not considered to be a top-grade number, some professional hair dryer protectants can offer heat protection up to 450° F.

It did protect my hair from being burnt when using my hot flat iron & blow dryer. But I did not feel it can completely shield all the damage.

I feel my hair still gets some frizz and slight damage but not near as much as if I didn’t use anything at all.

Bonus: UV Protection

I found that Sum Bum said this heat protector has UV protection.

That is to say, it’s a color-safe product that you can use when going out. The protectant spray can prevent color-dyed hair from fading by the burning sunshine.

As for this, I don’t have much to share. My hair is not dyed, so I don’t have any experience.

But can the spray protect my scalp from UV rays as well? I am not sure.

It’s a Safe Heat Protector Spray

As a leave-in hair treatment, it’s crucial to be healthy and harmless.

When purchasing a hair product, people will worry about if it’s friendly to our body all the time.

A good heat protector spray should not cause allergy or have residue left on your hair.

Fortunately, this Sun Bum heat protector did a good job in this area. The spray ingredients have natural Tahitian noni and giant sea kelp extracts, and it’s sulfate and phthalate-free.

Shake Before Using The Spray

Compared to other heat protectants, you have to do one step more before spraying the product.

Because of the two-part formula is not mixed before shaking. To get the best quality spritz, you need to mix them well and spray immediately after that.

Sun Bum Heat Protector Review
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Result
  • Anti-Frizz
  • Thermal Protection
  • Price


Sum Bum heat protector spray is a good choice for people who like lightweight leave-in hair products.

It may not has the best heat protection, but it’s powerful when it comes to making hair soft and silky.

Plus, the item has fantastic UV protection. It’s a solid feature for people who have color-dyed hair.

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