DevaCurl DevaDryer Blow Dryer Review – Is It Overpriced?

Although DevaCurl’s blow dryer is not in the top list of the hottest blow dryers, the one and only DevaDryer is still worth a review.

Considering most products from DevaCurl are hair care products, a gadget like blow dryers might be their strength.

Surprisingly, the DevaCurl DevaDryer is not a cheap model at all. On the contrary, it is designed for the high end market so the price is actually high in the whole blow dryer industry.

But, is the dryer really worth the splurge? See the following review.

DevaCurl DevaDryer with Diffuser
Ionic Technology

Patented Diffuser Included

Curly & Wavy Hair Favorite


Drying Power

It does not have a beast-like power as it only features an AC motor with 1600 wattage.

Compared to other professional salon blow dryers, 1600 wattage is not considered to be high. Usually, the higher the wattage is, the hotter the dryer is.

So if you want to find a blow dryer that can shorten your drying time as more as possible, this DevaCurl blow dryer does not specialize in quick blowdrying.

Speaking of its heat settings and speeds, the dryer comes with 3 heat settings & 2 speeds, just like almost all the high end hair dryers.

And the cool shot button is a necessary part of a professional dryer. Unfortunately, just like its drying power, DevaDryer’s cool shot feature is okay but nothing else.

From my perspective, the dryer from DevaCurl did not give me a very extremely powerful performance while blowdrying. The airflow and the heat were just normal and fine.

Hair Care Technology

DevaCurl claims that their blow dryer is using Ionic technology to boost hair volume and eliminate hair frizz.

It seems they have embedded an ionic generator inside to me, which is the most common way to produce negative ions for a blow dryer.

Other than that, I did not find any other hair care technologies in this dryer. I am not sure if this is an infrared heat model.

Luckily, because of its gentle airflow, your hair does not feel uncomfortable while blowdrying. And the drying result turns out full and soft.

Attachments Are Easy to Use

DevaCurl DevaFuser, 1ct
Universal Fit


360Degree Airflow

Designed for Curly & Wavy Hair

The highlight of the DevaCurl blow dryer is definitely the attachments.

There are two attachments inside the box. One is a smoothing concentrator, which is nothing special. What you may want to know about is the diffuser attachment.

The innovative, hand-shaped diffuser attachment is called DevaFuser. It’s a patented award-winning universal Diffuser owned by DevaCurl.

You can tell by its shape that it can imitate the motions of a real human hand. And It can help you to detangle and smooth your hair.

Most importantly, it’s perfect for natural wavy hair. The diffuser can keep your waves and curls in shape, giving more bounce to them.

DevaCurl says the diffuser features new ceramic inner core, which is going to help you with frizz and static in the blowdrying process.

The DevaFuser can also cut down drying time because it delivers 360-degree airflow to completely surround curls even at the roots of tresses. Using a regular nozzle can only get your outside hair dry if you have thick curly hair.

The DevaFuser is universal-fit. If you’ve already had a blow dryer that you don’t want to replace right now, buying this hand-shaped diffuser separately is also a nice idea.

Is It Safe?

DevaDryer’s ALCI plug is trustable and it comes with a 6 short feet cord that does not get tripped.

Plus, DevaCurl’s products claim to be 100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free. And you don’t need to about allergy or any safety problems.


Overall, DevaDryer blow dryer is an acceptable hair dryer for home use.

It meets most of the daily drying needs and the patented DevaFuser is the most ergonomic diffuser attachment that I have ever seen on the market.

But as a high end professional hair dryer, the DevaDryer does not have the best drying power and drying technology. It’s a little bit overpriced compared to its actual performance.

DevaCurl DevaDryer Blow Dryer Review
  • Drying Power
  • Technology
  • Attachments
  • Price

Pros & Cons

The DevaCurl DevaDryer performs okay but it is not worth a pretty high score.

One of the most exciting pros is that it comes with an innovative hand-shaped diffuser. The diffuser is specially designed for natural curls and waves, simplifying and fasting the drying process significantly.

There are not big failures found in this dryer, but that is where the problem is. As an expensive blow dryer, it should have had more technologies or features in this model. But it turned out it does not have any eye-popping highlights.

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