Parlux Alyon vs ghd Helios – Professional Hair Dryers Buying Guide


When it comes to expensive hair dryers, a ghd Helios is probably one the most well-known product for people who are looking for an advanced dryer in recent years. Today, we are going to compare it with a fairly new dryer from a brand with a long history – The Parlux Alyon. Compared to ghd, Parlux is … Read more

SRI DryQ Hair Dryer Review – It’s Got Dyson’s Features?


Buying an expensive blow dryer can be complicated. Not every pricey hair tool is worth the money. In our previous review on Sri Salon Dry Pro, we thought that hair dryer is not that cost-effective. And we’ve got the latest SRI DryQ here, let’s see what’s changed and what kind of performance boost it has. I’ve … Read more

Aria Marble Blow Dry Brush Review – An Dryer Brush with A Cute Surface


When it comes to hair care appliances, blow dryer brushes are the top trending in the industry in recent years. With an oval brush and hot airflow vents, it’s no surprise blow dryer brushes are gradually replacing round brushes and blow dryers for easier styling techniques. You may have known the most famous hair dryer … Read more

How to Protect Your Hair Without Heat Protectant


Heat protectants are designed to protect your hair when you’re using a hot dryer or styling tool. They hydrate your cuticles and protect hair from frizz, statics, and dryness, leaving your hair silky and smooth. However, not everyone likes to apply hair products to their hair. So, how to protect your hair from heat without … Read more

Honest Review – Shark Hyperair IQ AirWave Hair Dryer Attachment


The Shark HyperAIR blow dryer is definitely one of the special high-end hair dryers that just came out in 2021. What impressed us the most was the Shark’s adjustable and smart attachments with which you can have various options for styling your hair, and none of the hair dryers on the market has the attachments … Read more