The Differences Between Dyson Supersonic HD01, HD02, and HD03


If you have done some research on the Dyson Supersonic hair dryers, you may find there are some negligible details that may confuse you. For example, a lot of people are wondering why Dyson blow dryers have different model names such as HD01, HD02, HD03. Although these Supersonic hair dryers look exactly the same from … Read more

Don’t Know How to Use Dyson Hair Dryer Storage Hanger? Check This Out


There is a very tiny accessory called storage hanger for Dyson Supersonic, and you can take advantage of it to make your drying process more comfortable with the small band. The storage hanger is designed for those who need more drying flexibility in the room. To achieve that, the storage hanger offers you an extremely … Read more

Dyson Hair Dryer Stopped Working – Troubleshooting & Repairing


Dyson Supersonic is considered to be one of the best hair dryers on the shelves, but like anything in this world, even the most expensive hair dryer sometimes can stop working because of many reasons. Sadly, it is pretty hard to diagnose and troubleshoot once your Dyson dryer stop working. So you might be interested in fixing these … Read more