Take Hair Dryer in Hand Luggage – Things You Should Know

Are you planning on taking your favorite hair dryer with you when traveling but not sure if taking Hair Dryers in hand luggage is allowed?

Here is the good news:

Yes. According to the regulations of the Transportation Security Administration, you are allowed to take hair products in checked luggage and carry-on luggage on plane or train.

That is to say, you can take hair dryer in hand luggage. The fact is, besides hair dryer, you can also take hair straighteners and hair pins with you if you want.

So if you are concerning this question, feel free to take your hair dryer in hand luggage and have a good trip!

However, before you start the journey, there are a few things that I need to mention.

What Things You Should Pay Attention to When Taking Hair Dryers in Hand Luggage

Your Hair Dryer’s Size Matters

Before you taking your hair dryer in hand luggage, I do recommend you check if the blow dryers will affect the quality of the trip.

If you are taking a bulky and clunky hair dryer with you, it might make your entire trip uncomfortable. Carrying a heavy hair dryer is definitely a pain in the neck if the journey is long, and I am sure that you don’t want any extra burden.

My advice is that you should always pack a lightweight hair dryer or a mini one. If you only have a large one, you can opt for a suitable travel bag for hair dryer storage, which is a good way to avoid inconvenience caused by the large size of your hair dryer.

Power of The Hair Dryer

Knowing the wattage of your hair dryer is vital because it might cause some awkwardness in the trip.

For example, if your hair dryer uses 3000 watts per hour, but the socket wattage limit in the hotel is only 2000 watts. You are not going to have your blow dryer working properly, and there might be a fire hazard.

If you are going to another country, you’d better search if the hair dryer device can function well online in advance since the Current and voltage might not be the same.

And you should always check if they are using a different type of power adapter that needs to be converted by a switch. Of course, you can take a battery powered hair dryer on the plane, which will solve a lot of troubles.

Is Your Hair Dryer Battery Operated?

Don’t worry. You are fine to take a cordless battery powered hair dyer on plane or train on hand carried luggage.

However, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, You can not have devices that have lithium metal or lithium ion batteries in checked baggage, which is prohibited.

Thus, you can only take hair dryers that use batteries in hand luggage. And I hope this may help if you have not known this.

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