T3 Micro Fit Hair Dryer Review – Is a Good Hair Dryer for Home?


T3’s latest hair dryer just came out, it is a compact hair dryer but it seems the dryer is pretty small. I know shopping for a hair dryer is not challenging since there are so many options, but if you haven’t a clue what type of hair dryer suits your needs best, you may make … Read more

GAMA IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer Review – It’s Not Worth That Much Money


Are you considering a high-end hair dryer for your home? Or maybe you’re wondering what luxury hair dryers are worth buying out there? The GAMA IQ Perfetto is probably one of the hair dryers with the most innovative design besides Dyson Supersonic, but it may be hard to make the decision immediately since it is … Read more

Done Hair Total Styler Review – A Versatile Styler from the UK


When you see the Done Hair Total Styler, I believe the best word you can use to describe the product is versatile. The lately launched styler is from a British brand and it seems that the small hair tool can do many jobs and replace the place of your existing tools including dryers, curlers, and … Read more

Hair Dryers With an Ion Switch – Control Negative Ions While Drying Hair


A hair dryer that delivers negative ions differs from the low-end blow dryers in both hair protection and blow-drying experience. but most importantly, the negatively charged ions have proven to be useful for making damaged hair shiny and smooth after hair drying. That’s why people love hair dryers with an ion generator. But, does your … Read more