Conair Pro Silver Bird Hair Dryer vs. Yellow Bird

As popular and affordable hair dryers, the Conair Pro Silver Bird and Yellow Bird are two classic Conair hair dryers that you can buy, even in 2021. They are not new to the market since they were launched a few years ago, but they are still standing in the market today.

First off, they are definitely worth-buying products both. But, if you want to buy one of them, you gotta know more about these two hair dryers. So, today we are going to show you a Silver Bird vs. Yellow Bird hair dryer comparison.

Conair Pro Silver Bird Hair Dryer vs. Yellow Bird

Design: Cuteness vs. Coolness

Although their names are pretty alike, the Conair Pro Silver Bird hair dryer and Yellow Bird look completely nothing alike similar.

The Conair Yellow Bird hair dryer has a round body with a filter on the side. It has pretty design-sense and the whole product just looks like a vintage handheld hair dryer in the 80s and 90s. And you can see the buttons are not like traditional ones, you need to flip the switches to control heat and speeds. However, the Conair Yellow Bird hair dryer is not just a remake of a retro blow dryer. The dryer, the cord, even the attachments are finished with bright yellow, which is quite stylish. So it is a very good dryer for kids also as the dryer is very cute and lightweight. Moreover, the dryer comes with great power and features, which we will cover in the next part.

While the Conair Pro Silver Bird blow dryer looks more modern compared to the Yellow Bird. Basically, the blow dryer is just like a regular blow dryer nowadays, but its dark and grey finish is good-looking as well. The Silver bird is slightly heavier than the Yellow bird blow dryer, but the best thing about this dryer I would say the Silver Bird blow dryer has the benefit of buttons easier to control while blow drying your hair.

BlowDrying Performance: Both Are Good, But Silver Bird’s Better

Both the Silver Bird and Yellow Bird have nice blow drying ability. They are not the quickest hair dryers that I have ever seen, but they do get the blow drying job done decently.

If you have pretty thick hair such as 4b or 4c hair, then the Conair Pro Silver Bird is more recommended. The Silver Bird is relatively hotter than the Yellow Bird, I guess it is mainly because it comes with a 2000W motor while the Yellow Bird is 1875W. Besides that, the Silver Bird is heavier than the Yellow Bird, so the heating part and drying fan inside the dryer is probably bigger than the Yellow Bird also. According to Conair, the Silver Bird blow dryer features ceramic technology, but I did not feel my hair’s noticeably smoother.

When it comes to attachments, they both offer you a concentrator nozzle attachment and straightening pick, which looks like a comb attachment. For people who have problems with hair knots, this attachment is good for unwinding those knots in the blow drying process.

An advantage of the Conair Pro Yellow Bird is that its front end is pretty long. So when you use the hair pick attachment, you can hold the pipe-like front end instead of the handle of the dryer to detangle your hair, which enables you to use the blow dryer without the handle. That is very useful when you have kinky twisted hair.

Unfortunately, none of these two hair dryers are considered to be quiet. They are not loud but not quiet either, they are just like regular blow dryers. When you turn on the dryer, you will hear the noise clearly.

Conclusion: Silver Bird or Yellow Bird?

Both Conair hair dryers conveniently dry your hair, and they both have nice attachments and long power cords. Most importantly, they both can deliver decent drying results. Since their prices are almost the same and they are both pretty affordable, so I believe that is not a factor that you should consider.

But here are some things you should know before buying these two dryers:

The Silver Bird has a shorter drying time than the Yellow Bird. If you are looking for a model that dries your hair quicker, the Silver Bird is the one.

The Silver Bird’s control buttons are easier to maneuver while drying hair.

The Yellow Bird is more lightweight and the Yellow Bird’s exterior design allows you to hold the drying pipe to detangle your hair.

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