How to Blow Dry Layered Hair – Even Beginners Can Style like Pro’s

Do you want to learn how to blow dry layered hair too? Actually, it is pretty easy and even beginners can do it perfectly at home.

Since there are too many layered hairstyles, I’m only going to cover the general basic steps to blow dry all the layered hair easily and quickly. To create a special look that you prefer for your layered hair, you can twist the technique a little bit or freestyle with it. Now, Let’s cut to the chase.

How to Blow Dry Layered Hair

Things That You Need

A blow dryer with a nozzle – Using a concentrator nozzle can help you to direct airflow precisely to our round brush, which can faster the styling process and make layered hair more smooth because you can control which area of your hair is getting the heat.

A heat-retaining round brush – we need a round brush to create more volume on our layered hair. a round brush is easy to use and can curl our hair with a blow dryer pretty fast. However, using a round brush and a blow dryer together may be a bit difficult for beginners, I would recommend beginners to choose an all in one hair dryer hot brush, which is a round brush that can blow dry your hair at the same time so you don’t need to use both hands to get things done.

A heat protectant – Protect your hair with a reliable heat protectant. To gain more hair volume, you can choose a hair volume spray with heat protection, which also works for getting layered hair shiny and smooth after blow-drying.

A comb – For people who have tousled or kinky hair, a pre-styling comb should detangle most of your hair knots. Don’t start to blow out your hair if your hair is still twisted and tangled, or you will get a messy styling result and the drying process will be painful.

How to Blow Dry Layered Hair with Your Hair Dryer & Round Brush

1. Detangle wet hair after washing your hair.

2. Apply heat protectant or hair volumizing gel to your hair roots.

3. Roughly blow dry your hair till 70% – 80% dry.

4. Section your hair into several parts. (Most layered hair can be parted into 3 or 4 sections, left, right, top, and back.)

5. Place the round brush behind one hair section and roll the brush forward, and we start delivering airflow to the brush.

6. Lift the brush up and repeat rolling the hair again and again, and you should keep directing airflow from different angles to dry the hair section.

7. For the front hair section, you can lift the brush up and pull it to the back to get the maximum volume. It works for back hair too, you just need to pull the brush to the front to increase the hair volume of hair on the back.

8. After all the hair sections are dry, style your layered hair with your round brush or fingers to make it more manageable and neat. To add more styles, you can see the video of how to add some details to layered hair while blow-drying.

Video Tutorial: How to Blow Dry Short & Long Layered Hair

Video Tutorial: How to Make Your Layered Hair More Exaggerated

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