How to Blow Dry Shoulder Length Hair and Make It Smooth?

If you have shoulder length hair and want to get a proper blowout, I will be showing you how to get a smooth and voluminous result today.

What we going to show you is a blow drying technique with a round brush for creating more hair volume on hair shafts and hair ends. And the technique is for blow drying medium hair including shoulder length layered hair or simple straight hair. First off, I am gonna list all the things that you need below:


1. Things You Need

2. Shoulder Length Hair Blow Drying Tutorial

What Things You Should Have Before Blow Drying Shoulder Length Hair?

1. Comb or Paddle Brush

A styling comb or a paddle brush are used to make your hair manageable before styling while simultaneously detangling some frizzy hair knots after the shower.

2. Heat Protector Product

For shoulder-length hair, a heat protectant is extremely important. Unlike short hair that can be blow dried in a few minutes, drying medium length hair usually takes longer. Thus, Choosing a heat protectant that adds hair volume and heat protection is vital for blow drying medium hair.

3. Round Brush

A round brush is a key to create tension, which can lift up your strands and deliver more hair volume. Since 2020, more and more electrical round brushes stepping into the market. If you want to save more strength, trying an innovative hair dryer brush like Revlon One-Step will help you with that.

4. Hair Dryer with Concentrator Nozzle

Your blow dryer does not have to be fancy and expensive, but it should come with a concentrator nozzle. A nozzle is going to help us to direct hot airflow to the round brush barrel to create curls and volume and prevent other hair sections from frizz.

5. A Few Hair Ties or Hair Clips

When blow drying shoulder length hair, you can part your hair into sections to style each section separately so that these sections won’t be affected when you’re blow drying or styling a certain hair section.

How to Blow Dry Shoulder Length Hair, Let’s Get Into It!

Video Tutorial:

Text Tutorial:

1. After washing your hair, roughly dry your hair till it is not soaking wet. You can use your towel to gently wipe off the moisture on your hair or use your blow dryer with cold/warm setting from a long distance to faster the process.

2. Apply the heat protector on your hair. Focus on your hair ends and hair shafts, which are the places where you often see the frizz. Make sure you get all the hair strands with the heat protectant.

3. Smoothen your hair with a paddle brush or a styling comb, and detangle your hair knots. You can use the blow dryer to help you untwist the hair, but don’t make your hair overdried.

4. Section your hair into several parts. If you have pretty thick hair, then you can make it 4 parts, which include top, back, right, and left. For me, I usually will just part my hair into left part and right part.

5. Blow dry your side hair with a concentrator nozzle. The key to blow drying shoulder-length hair is to focus the airflow around the brush and create a nice curve around our head. So you need to put the round brush close to your face and lift your hair up slightly and roll the brush a little bit, and glide down while keeping delivering hot airflow to the brush.

6. Keep blow drying your hair in the back of your head. Compared to the left side and right side hair, hair in the back needs more volume to present a perfect look. So I would recommend you lift the brush higher when you blow drying hair on the back.

7. As for front hair, you can style it in your own way besides giving it a simple blow out. You can create a bob or make it a side-swept, or even brush it to the back. Lastly, I would not use any product to maintain the look of shoulder-length hair because I think it is greasy. If you feel the same, after the blow drying process is finished, you can use cold air to lock in the hairstyle.

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