How to Do a 90’s Blowout? It Is Easier Than You Think!

The 90s blowout is back! Even it is 2021, the 90s blowout is still a style that people are fascinated about, and the 90s blowout is even popular on TikTok. Do you want to achieve a 90s blowout that is silky, voluminous, and glamorous? We’re here to help!

Hair Tools/Products That You Need for Doing a 90s Blowout

  • Styling Comb
  • Heat Protectant
  • Round Brush
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Roller (Optional)

We will be using a styling comb for detangling our washed strands and style hair after the blowout. And you should choose a heat protectant that is lightweight so that it won’t be so greasy to weigh down your hair.

As for styling tools, you can go with the old school 90’s way to blow dry your hair with a round brush and a blow dryer working together. Or, there is a new type of hair dryer brush tool that combines a blow dryer and a round brush, which you can easily find online since 2020.

Regarding accessories, you need to have some hair clips to get your hair sectioned to make sure the final result is good. To create more hair volume on a 90s blowout, you can get some old-fashioned hair rollers, which can add more fancy curls to your hair without heat damage to hair.

We are not going to use other hot tools like straighteners or curlers, so it going to be a relatively healthy process.

Tutorial: How to Do a 90s Blowout in Minutes?

In a rush? Check out this short video tutorial of how to do a 90’s blowout quickly.

90’s Blowout Step 1- Prep Your Hair

After your hair is washed and simply towel-dried, manage your hair with the styling comb. You should try to make your hair as untwisted and straight as possible so that it can be styled easier later.

Spray your hair protectant on your hair and use your fingers to make sure every strand is applied with the spray.

Put the hair in the back of your head up in a hair clip. In this way, you are going to have three hair sections: left, right, and the back hair in the clip.

90’s Blowout Step 2 – Blow Dry Left Section & Right Section

After you fix your hair sections, it is time to starting the blowout process. Let’s start with a bunch of our left hair section. Use a round brush to lift the hair up and roll the brush downwards and angle the hair roots toward your face. It feels like the brush is pulling the hair strands away when you do it, tension is the key to create volume.

Don’t forget to direct hot airflow to the brush with your blow dryer when you moving the brush. And you can hold the brush and blow dryer when they reach the hair roots for a few seconds to increase the curls’ volume. (Using an electric hair dryer hot air brush is much easier to get the job done as you don’t need to hold the brush and the dryer with two hands.

When the bunch of hair is done with blow-drying and curling, you can either use a roller to roll it toward your roots or roll the bunch of hair upwards directly and secure it with a hair clip. After it is done, we can move on to another bunch of hair till our left hair section is all good and secure. And we are going to do the same when it comes to the right side of the hair.

90’s Blowout Step 3 – Blow Dry Back & Top Section

The general process is almost the same when it comes to drying the top and back section. The difference is that you need to brush the hair up as possible first and roll the brush from hair ends to hair roots, which is opposite to brushing side hair. The technique is for making the roots can have a natural volume to avoid a flat top. Also, blow-drying the hair with hot air when you are brushing and rolling the brush to make it more smooth and easy to shape.

90’s Blowout Step 4 – Remove The Hair Rollers/Clippers

You need to let these rollers or clippers sit on your hair for about ten minutes to make the curls last longer. Or, you can use hair spray to lock in the style for a longer period.

Before you remove those hair rollers or hair clips, give your head a full blowout with fast and cold air, which is also going to help the hair stay intact as well. Finally, remove all the hair rollers and clips on your hair and gently put your hair in place with your finger, you will see an amazing 90’s Blowout.

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