Done Hair Total Styler Review – A Versatile Styler from the UK

When you see the Done Hair Total Styler, I believe the best word you can use to describe the product is versatile. The lately launched styler is from a British brand and it seems that the small hair tool can do many jobs and replace the place of your existing tools including dryers, curlers, and hot brushes.

If you are seeking a new styler that comes with replaceable attachments, besides Dyson Airwrap and Conair the Knot Dr. brush, this Done Hair Total Styler is definitely worth taking a look at. Is It a worth-buying product? Let’s find out in our review.

Done Hair Total Styler Review – Appearance & Design

The Done Hair Total Styler comes in a simple black box package. Nothing is too fancy and all the accessories are protected by thin plastic wraps in the box. You will never describe the package as “luxury”, and it is just average in my opinion.

After taking the dryer out of the box, you will find the design of the Done Hair Total Styler is pretty simple. Compared to the Dyson Airwrap, it does not have any bright colored accents. The whole product is in black and gray and it is pretty lightweight.

The removable design is not bad, the attachments do not wobble and stay decently on top during the styling process. But I found the filter is not removable for cleaning, unlike the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Compared to other stylers on the market, the Done Hair Total Styler has a range of styling attachments that can be used for more hairstyles. You will get two curling barrels, a blow dryer nozzle, a styling comb attachment, and a brush with short bristles.

Done Hair Total Styler Review – Styling Experience

Considering it is a product that is designed based on the dryer handle, having noise is inevitable. To be honest, the noise is fairly loud, just like a blow dryer. So it is not suitable for you if you want a completely silent hair styler.

How about the styling attachments? Thanks to the firm holder, you can use various attachments without worrying about if they will fall. And the drying nozzle can turn this product into a great fanless blow dryer. Even though this styler does not provide very strong and powerful airflow like a professional dryer does, it is still pretty useful when you need to create more hair volume with hot airflow.

The curlers included are nice also, the barrel will wrap your strands around automatically and you can get curls and waves easily and quickly. I have no problem with the comfortability of the curling barrels. The only thing I want to complain about is that they offer two short barrels that are exactly the same size, which makes it kind of difficult to get hair fully curled for people with different hair lengths.

And I also would like to point out that the bristles on the styling brush are not that comfortable to touch. For a person that I have used many hair dryer brushes, I have seen many brushes that have better bristles that are more friendly to people’s scalp and hair. Apart from these things that can be improved, I have not encountered any serious flaws so far.

Done Hair Total Styler Review – Styling Results

Generally speaking, the Done Hair Total Styler can get the job done nicely as a versatile styler. According to the company, the styler is equipped with its Jet Stream Technology to reduce heat damage and help you to gain curls efficiently.

That is true, you can get beautiful curls and waves within seconds with its curling barrel attachment. And the styling results are decent according to a couple of users. I am not going to say this styler provides the shiniest and smooth hair in the world, but it does deliver curls and styles rapidly without causing much hair frizz and damage.

But there is a fact is that the styler can still be very hot during the styling process, that is also why you still need a heat protectant and a heat protection glove to protect your hair and your hand. Fortunately, there is a heat-resistant glove included in the box.

Final Thoughts: It’s Versatile, But Is It a Good Styler?

Considering its price, I personally think there are many stronger competitors on the market, that is also why the Done Hair Total Styler is not a very popular choice. I will tell you the reason behind this.

First, as a versatile styler that costs $200, the Done Hair Total Styler does not come with the feeling of a luxury hair tool. You will never know this product is so expensive without seeing the price tag, especially when we are living in 2021 when you can buy many hot selling hair tools that provide similar styling performance.

Another factor that makes people hesitating is that the styler is versatile but not professional enough. It can get all the jobs done simply and quickly, but it is still not professional compared to a traditional curling iron and modern hair dryer brush. The worst thing is that a Youtuber says the Done Hair Total Styler is just another Dyson Airwrap Dupe that you can buy with $60.

I would say it is a great product for people who don’t have complicated styling needs or hair lovers who travel a lot. The removable attachments allow you to have multiple hair tools without making your case full of different tools and wires. But if you want to learn how to style your hair professionally or pursuit the best styling performance, I believe there are better choices online.

Done Hair Total Styler Review
  • Design
  • Styling Experience
  • Styling Performance
  • Noise Level
  • Price



Various attachments that don’t wobble

Decent curling performance

Easy to carry out


Brush’s bristles are hard

Curlers are not suitable for long and thick hair

No advanced smart features

Too Pricey

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