The Knot Dr. Conair Dryer Brush Review – Compare with Revlon One-Step

The hair beauty world is full of rivalries. To be more specific, new hair dryer brushes are coming out every month. The Knot Dr. Conair blow dryer brush is one of them. As an affordable Conair product, the Knot Doctor dryer brush became one of the most popular dryer brushes in 2021. If you are interested to know how the performance is, you cannot miss this review.

We’ll go through the features of Conair’s the Knot Dr blow dryer brush and find out its advantages and disadvantages. Also, we will compare the new Knot Dr brush with the classic Revlon One-Step styler, which is the first big hitter of brush dryers.

The Knot Dr. Conair Dryer Brush Review

Innovative Design

Unlike the popular hair dryer brushes nowadays, the Knot Dr dryer brush has a fairly creative design that allows you to detach the brush with an oval barrel from the grip and use a pick/comb attachment with the dryer. And it is pretty sturdy, you don’t have to worry about if the interchangeable attachments are wobbly.

Compared to other hair dryer brushes on the market, the brush on the Knot Dr is much smaller. This is good for styling hair precisely. Although the brush is smaller, the handle of the Knot Dr Conair dryer is surprisingly longer than most hot brushes today, which makes the product a safer choice.

What is also different is the design of the buttons on the Knot Dr dryer. In recent years, most blow dryer brushes will have a rotating knob on the bottom to let you choose the speed and temperature. While the Conair dryer brush uses a classic blow dryer’s design regarding the button design. You can easily push up and push down the control button to get the right heat settings. Plus, Conair the Knot Dr dryer also has a useful cool shot button that helps you lock in styles, this is something that can be found on other drying brush products.

Drying Power & Noise Level

The 1,000 watts motor is doomed that it cannot provide extremely hot airflow like traditional blow dryers with high wattage. But as a versatile dryer brush, the Knot Doctor is convenient to use for gently drying hair and creating sleek waves.

Not having a very powerful drying performance is not a big deal for this product since it is a styling tool. And blow drying hair too quick will make the strands hard to manage while styling and cause more heat damage and frizz.

The styler has three heat settings: low, high, and cold. To be frank, it is actually pretty loud when you turn it on no matter what setting you go for.

Performance – Strengths & Weakness

After using the Knot Dr dryer brush a couple of times, here is what I found. The product is excellent regarding making hair soft and sleek. I love the results that look shiny and smooth, and the brush can give me that effortlessly.

Besides, it has a pick attachment, which can boost the hair ends’ volume and detangle hair knots conveniently. You don’t need to use a comb that may create frizz and static or hair. The detangler that works with the dryer can easily pick up your hair and unwind detangled hair effortlessly.

The only downside is that the smaller barrel brush and gentle airflow make my brushing routine a bit longer. Usually, I can finish the whole process in 30 minutes with another blow dryer brush, but the Knot Dr dryer took me 38 – 40 minutes to get the job done.

Conair The Knot Dr. Dryer Brush Vs. Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush

As a hairstylist who owned a Revlon One-Step and has been using it for a long time, I would recommend them both, but for different people.

Compared to the Revlon One-Step brush and volumizer, Conair The Knot Dr dryer brush is better if you have short hair and middle-length hair. The smaller brush can get closer to your hair roots, leaving them more voluminous. And the pick attachment can help you to style hair ends precisely. Another advantage of the Knot Dr dryer brush that Revlon does not have is that you can freely change the heat settings with one hand on the halfway. Overall, the Conair Knot Dr dryer is more versatile than the original Revlon One-Step styler, but there is no obvious difference in terms of styling performance.

The Revlon One-Step, with a larger brush, can easily add more glamorous curls and waves to long hair. And the airflow is hotter than the Knot Doctor from Conair, which makes the styling process faster. The final results styled by the Revlon One-Step may not as curly as the Knot Dr brush because of the longer diameter of the barrel, but it still gives shine and softness to hair effectively thanks to the ceramic coating.

Our Final Verdict:

The Knot Dr dryer brush is definitely a worth-buying product in 2021, and I would highly recommend it to people with short and medium hair or people who want their hair to have more volume. It is pretty versatile and you can even remove all the attachments to use it as a normal handheld blow dryer. The only thing you need to know is that it is not as powerful as other drying tools, so this little styler cannot fully replace your home blow dryer.

The Knot Dr. Conair Dryer Brush Review
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A very helpful styling tools for people who want to achieve charming looks without spending much money.

Compared to the Revlon One-Step styler, the Conair Knot Dr. dryer brush is more versatile and provides more friendly features, especially for people with short hair.

This product can be called a top competitor in the market of blow dryer brushes in 2021.

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