Regular Curling Wand vs Bubble Wand – Types of Curling Wand


There are many types of curling wands out there, but the bubble wand must be one of the most special types. Because of its weird look, the bubble wand has never been a popular choice among us. However, what you may not know is that the magical bubble wand is a great tool to create … Read more

How to Clean Hair Brushes in Salon? You Need These Quick Cleaning Tips!


If you have a salon business or work at a salon currently, a great way to improve work efficiency is to faster the time of cleaning your hair tools. Among all the hair styling tools, a hair brush is the most difficult one to clean since there are many hair knots to detangle. Everyone hates … Read more

How to Use Hot Tools Curling Iron: Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

There are tons of Hot Tools curling irons that people are crazy for on the market. Since each Hot Tools curling styler has different features & sizes, the curling results that they deliver are not alike. Here I will show you some ways to curl your hair with some popular Hot Tools curling wands. And … Read more