How to Blow Dry And Get a Twist Out – Step-by-Step Guide

If you have natural hair, getting a nice twist out shouldn’t be difficult for you. However, without a legit tutorial, you probably will miss some things that keep your twist out gorgeous. But guess what? Here you will find how to blow dry your hair and do a twist out in 30 minutes.

Before we start the tutorial, there is another thing that I want to let you know first: If you have any questions about blow drying or twist-outs, you are welcome to leave your comment below. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

So, here is how to blow out our hair and achieve a perfect twist-out hairstyle.

Video Tutorial: Blow Dry Twist Out Routine

Step by Step Guide: How to Blow Dry And Get a Twist Out

Step 1. Roughly Blow Dry and Stretch Your Hair

After washing your hair, the first step is to detangle your hair and get your hair stretched. I will recommend a big paddle brush or comb if your hair is stiff and tough. If your hair is too hard to get stretched, you can also apply some leave-in conditioner that softens your hair shafts, which can make the stretching process easier for you.

While hot air can seriously cause heat damage to our hair, using a heat protectant while blow drying is highly recommended. Therefore, you should use warm air in this step. You only need to make your strands straight, don’t overdry your hair. Otherwise, frizz will occur and it is going to be super hard to manage when doing a twist out.

Step 2. Section and Twist up

Before doing a twist out, correctly sectioning your hair helps you to make hair twists more even and aesthetic on your head. And I usually section hair into 3 parts when doing a twist out: left, right, and back.

Pick up a small section of your hair and divide it into two bunches, and start twisting up. The hair does not have to be extremely straight, but make sure it is stretched at least. Keep twisting and stretching your hair till all the hair sections are done. After that, fully blow dry your hair with hot air and high-speed setting. To lock in the style, you can use cold air for 5 minutes in the end.

Tips: You can spray some water or styling oil to moisturize your hair if you feel like it is too dry to style. If you want to have a defined look, then you should twist a small section each time.

Step 3. Unravel

You can sleep with a sleep cap to make the result more define and last longer, or you can unravel the twists immediately after the blowout.

Now you can unravel all the hair twists and we are almost done. What if you see the twist out is a bit flat? To add more volume to the twist out, you can use a diffuser attachment with your blow dryer. And you should place your hair roots and ends in the diffuser and blow dry them at high speed. Make sure the temperature is low, or you may burn your twists. To make your hair sleek and shiny, you can also buy hair soil.

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