How to Clean Hair Brushes in Salon? You Need These Quick Cleaning Tips!

If you have a salon business or work at a salon currently, a great way to improve work efficiency is to faster the time of cleaning your hair tools. Among all the hair styling tools, a hair brush is the most difficult one to clean since there are many hair knots to detangle.

Everyone hates to clean but customers love to see a clean brush. Is there a good way to clean your hair brushes fast in salon? Yes! Follow our step-by-step guides, you can clean your brushes perfectly and make the most of your time.

Here are two ways to clean your hair brushes in salon, and one is for speed cleaning, and the other is for maintaining your hair brushes’ condition.

How to Clean Hair Brushes in Salon – The Fastest Way

Things That You Need:

Scissor, a fine-teeth comb, and hair dryer

Step One: Use the scissor to cut off the hair knots and tangles on the hair brush. You should be careful and don’t cut the brush’s bristles accidentally. The more cutting times you have, the easier you can remove those hairs.

Step Two: If you just did the cutting part, shake your hair brush quickly and hard to get rid of those small tiny hairs. And you will see that the hairs will fall rapidly.

Step Three: Brush the hair brush with your comb that with long and fine teeth from different angles, this will get 80% of the hair left on the brush out.

Step Four: Plug in your hair dryer, and set the speed to the most powerful setting. Blow the brush from every side to remove the dirt and small detritus.

This method is for roughly cleaning your hair brushes that are tangled in hair. And you don’t need any cleaner such as ammonia and soap. It is the quickest way that allows you to use the brush on your next customer when you are pressed for time. But you can not clean the slime and residue on the hair brushes completely with this method. If you want to deep clean the hair brushes for your salon, you can see the method below.

How to Clean Hair Brushes in Salon – Quick But Thorough Way

Things That You Need:

Scissor, shampoo, old toothbrush, hair dryer

This method is for cleaning traditional hair brushes. If you are looking for how to clean an electric hot air brush, you can see our guide on cleaning Revlon hair dryer brush.

Step One: Cut the hair knots and tangles with a scissor. Compared to the last method, this step does not have much difference.

Step Two: Mix your shampoo with water and spray it on the brush. You can decide as well as the mixture can create voluminous bubbles. But don’t use those cleaners that make your scalp irritated.

Step Three: Brush the hair brush with your toothbrush. Since the toothbrush has soft and tiny bristles, they can easily go down to the gap between the hair brushes’ bristles and slots to remove the residue and hair.

Step Four: Wash the hair brush under running water from the faucet and keep cleaning the brush with the toothbrush until it looks good.

Step Five: Blow dry your hair brush with your hair dryer.

How Often Should You Clean Your Hair Brushes in Salon?

Salon’s hair brushes usually will get dirty easily as there are many types of hair products involved including serums & creams, heat protectants, and styling gels. So you should clean hair brushes in salon more frequently than you do at home.

Usually, we recommend people to clean their hair brushes once a week. However, to ensure perfect user experiences, my advice is to clean hair brushes used in salon every day after you close the door.

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