Best 3 Lightweight & Portable Hair Steamers on the Market

If you need a portable hair steamer for conveniently giving your hair more elastic and less dryness at home, you are right to be here.

I know some people who are longing for a hair steamer hesitate to buy one because it’s very space-consuming. They are always wondering if it is worthy to put a huge styling tool at home.

Good news! You actually do not need much space to enjoy using a hooded hair steamer now. We’ve gathered the best portable hair steamers on the market and you can see the delicately selected products below.

Best 3 Portable Hair Steamers Available to Buy in 2020

1. Red by Kiss 2-in-1 Hair & Facial Salon Steamer

Red by Kiss Portable Hair & facial Steamer

You can see this Red by Kiss hair steamer comes with portable size.

The product is a 2 in 1 steamer actually. It’s also great to use it as a facial steamer.

The steamer is friendly to natural hair, it performs well when it comes to making 4b & 4c hair more manageable.

The brand says the machine can moisturize your hair 6x more effectively and you don’t need to a salon anymore.

However, as a portable steamer, the hood is not adjustable. If you are fine with it, then I believe you will love this product.

You can see how to use this portable steamer real quick by watching the video below.

2. Kingsteam 2 in 1 Ozone Hair & Facial Steamer

Kingsteam Hair & facial Steamer

This Kingsteam portable steamer is also a good fit for natural hair.

They claim the product is different from other steamers on the market as they use advanced PTC ceramic heating element to vaporize water.

This can make the airflow ample and micro-fine so that your hair can receive the nutrient well.

The steamer has an auto-off function, which means it will shut off automatically when there is no enough water in the tank.

As an affordable hair steamer, it is a great alternative to regular hair steamer as its size is fairly cute and small.

Looking for an idea portable hair steamer model while traveling? Try this Kingsteam steamer.

3. SUPER DEAL Portable 3-in-1 Hair and Facial Bonnet Steamer

Super Deal Hair Steamer

Coming with a built-in UV Ozone system, this portable hair steamer can hydrate and moisturize your hair effectively.

The product is pretty similar to the first model from Red by Kiss, but it’s much budget-friendly.

The steamer is designed to prevent your hair from breakage and split ends. With this small-sized steamer, you can reduce hair dandruff and have hair treatments anywhere you like.

Most importantly, this hair steamer is equipped with an intelligent safety warning system. When the water is running low, the beeping sound is going to remind you immediately.

Pros of Portable Hair Steamers

The size is the most valuable strength

Compared to regular standing hair steamers that usually need a large space to work, a portable hair steamer allows you to use it flexibly.

You don’t need to find an empty spot to turn it on, a small family desk will do the trick. And it is also easier to organize a portable steamer as they can be disassembled quickly.

And for travelers who need to carry a steamer, the portable models are the most suitable. Although you may spend more time on figuring out how to store the hood, it is still way more convenient than a traditional hair steamer.

Buying a portable hair steamer saves you money

The prices of the above hair steamer in portable fall on the range of $50 – $80, it’s much cheaper than salon hair steamer.

If you don’t need a professional steamer that empties your wallet, you can try these hair steamers instead.

Or, if you are new to hair steamers and not sure if you really like hair steaming, choosing a portable hair steamer as a starter is also a smart move.

Cons of Portable Hair Steamers

Portable hair steamers are less powerful

This is obviously understandable, small hair steamers sacrifice some performance for its portableness.

Without a big powerful motor and a high wattage, the steam can be less thick compared to a salon-grade steamer.

And salon hair steamers have more precise settings to choose from, giving you more options when hair steaming.

Also, the water tank of a portable steamer is smaller than a regular salon hair steamer too. That means the steaming process can last shorter as well.

No adjustable hood

When you see those expensive hair steamers in the salon, usually they can be adjusted and tilted to fit all kinds of angles and positions.

However, you can not do that with a portable hair steamer because the hood is fixed.


Portable steamers for hair is a great hair tool if you want to enjoy hair steaming while traveling.

These small steamers are versatile, and they also can be used as portable facial steamer.

They might not be the most professional steamer, but they must be the most convenient product to give you soft and supple hair quickly & comfortably.

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