Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray Review: Does The Healthy Formula Work?


The Bondi Boost heat protectant spray seems like a pretty healthy hair product that utilizes organic formula that you don’t often see in other heat protectors. The product is so popular because Bondi Boost claims that their heat protectant delivers non-sticky protective fine mist that improves the look of existing damage. As a person who … Read more

Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Holding Spray Review


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Heat Protectants with Keratin of 2020 – Best Options for Healing Your Hair


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Cute & Healthy – Sun Bum Heat Protector Review


What is the most important thing for choosing a heat protectant? The heat protection and skin-friendliness. The Sum Bum heat protector claims to be a very healthy item that is 100% sulfate-free & paraben-free. Will this cute little bottle delivers big performance? Let’s put it on the table and hope you may think this review … Read more

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Protectant Spray Review


TRESEMMÉ, as one of the most discussed brands of blowout hair products, is specialized in producing various heat protectants for keeping different textured hair types healthy and shiny. So, our task today is to find out how great the TRESEMMÉ thermal creation heat tamper protective spray is. The item is the most famous heat protectant … Read more