Top Picks of Hair Washing Trays for Home and Salon

A comfortable-to-use hair washing tray is essential for ensuring a salon’s customers an extraordinary hair washing experience. Actually, a hair washing tray is more useful than that.

Pros of Hair Washing Trays

Comfortable Washing Experience at Home

If you purchase a hair washing tray at home, you can enjoy the pleasant washing moment in the kitchen sink. Also, a hair washing tray is more lightweight and portable than a traditional bulky shampoo bowl, which makes a washing tray a perfect fit for home use.

Affordable Pricing

Besides the weight, a hair washing tray provides a great hair washing method in the sink without costing you a huge amount of money. Professional salon equipment is expensive, a
salon shampoo bowl usually will cost you more than a few hundred bucks while you can get a hair rinse tray at an extremely cheap price.

Perfect for The Elderly & The Disabled

Since the washing tray does not require people to fully lie down to wash the hair, it becomes a good tool for washing hair for the elderly and the inconvenient people. A hair washing tray can be used for washing the hair of someone in a wheelchair without moving their body. And you can help them to wash their hair in the kitchen/bathroom sink.

Best 5 Hair Washing Trays That You Can Get in 2020

1. EZ-ACCESS EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Tray

If you want to find a portable shampoo tray for conveniently washing hair in the sink, this EZ-ACCESS hair washing tray ticks a lot of boxes. The washing tray is affordable, lightweight, and doesn’t have small pieces that could be potential hazards.

The washing tray is designed to be used with a chair, which makes it a perfect match for people who would like to wash their hair in a seated position. Besides, you don’t need many steps to install the hair washing tray, the tray is contoured to fit the neck and you just need to place it in the sink to get started.

Besides a hair washing tray, EZ-ACCESS also has a range of products made for the elderly or the disabled – if you are looking for a bedside shower or a hair washing basin, you can also find on the product page above.

2. Home-X Hair Washing Tray for Sink

This washing tray helped people to wash their hair comfortably as it is easy and safe to use. With angled designed with raised edges, the water will not run down the neck even the person is sitting on the chair.

Just like the last product, this hair washing tray is also a budget-friendly item that is made for people who don’t want to use a traditional shower. Plus, the durable strap helps you to hold the washing tray stable, so the Home-X Hair washing tray can provide a relaxing and comfortable washing and shampooing experience.

3. Hair Washing Tray for Chair & Wheelchair

The hair washing tray is another compact and lightweight product that specially designed for chair & wheelchair. It comes with a 35″ nylon strap wraps around the user’s forearm so that the tray can be secured in the sink without moving around.

Just like other washing trays, it also features raised edges so the water will go down to the sink directly without making any mess.

The whole product is made of polyester but it is 100% non-toxic, and it is good for the elderly too. You can easily clean the tray with soap and water, and it will not get mold easily.

4. Portable Shampoo Hair Washing Sink Tub Tray

As a product that is made for those with limited motion, the portable shampoo tray is always a perfect thing. With a suitable dimension (18.2″ L x 13.6″ W x 2.4″ H) for a typical kitchen sink, the hair washing tray’s board is great to use when you have somebody who needs to wash hair on a chair.

The washing tray is durable and stable, and it can hold heavy weights without any problems. Thanks to the plastic material, it is easy to wipe down after use and the compact design does not take up much room to store.

5. Jobar Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray

Jobar’s hair rinse tray for sink proved the best washing tray that can be used with a chair and wheelchair, making it ideal for people who can not wash hair under the shower. It also earned a perfect score for being safe and hygienic thanks to the easy-to-clean surface.

Anyone who thinks a reclining position is a challenge, this hair washing tray provides salon-grade experience without risks of falling. “This product gets the job done in the sink beautifully. Compared to other costly solutions, buying a portable hair washing tray is the best choice that I have made” a customer reported.

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