Hair Dryer Can’t Help You Kill Coronavirus Effectively

Novel coronavirus(COVID-19) has become a serious global healthcare issue in 2020. And I heard there was a rumor saying that using high heat from a blow dryer can kill novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, it’s not true.

I understand people want to get away from the virus as far as possible, but I still have to say: Blow dryer can not kill coronavirus.

Why Using Blow Dryer to Kill Coronavirus Is Impossible

People believed that blow dryer’s hot air can kill coronavirus because coronavirus dies at 56°C.

Yes, usually the highest temperature of a blow dryer can reach 70°C – 80°C. However, it does not mean using a blow dryer to kill the virus is a smart move. They missed one thing: The virus only can be killed to a 30 minutes high heat exposure at least.

That is to say, to kill the coronavirus effectively, you have to direct the hot airflow to your mouth and nose for 30 mins. This is impossible to do, before the virus is killed, your oral mucosa and nasal mucosa will get damaged first.

Besides, you shouldn’t use your blow dryer to disinfect and clean your clothes or face mask as well. Because hair dryer’s nozzle can only direct the airflow into one small area.

To disinfect a shirt with a blow dryer, you need to spend a few days to get the job done. And your shirt may get burnt accidentally. So a hair dryer will not perform well when it comes to virus disinfection.


Using blow-drying to kill coronavirus is not helpful and it may cause some accidental hazards instead. Washing your hand frequently with hand sanitizer and wearing a mask is still the most effective way to get protection. For more information about coronavirus, you can go to CDC official website.

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