Can Hair Dryers Cause Hair Loss? – Should I Quit Blow Drying?

There is a myth that blow dryer is bad because the high heat can cause your hair to start to fall. Is it really true?

Let’s jump to the answer directly.

Usually, using a hair dryer will not cause hair loss. But, you have to use the hair dryer correctly and healthily.

Reasons Why Hair Dryer Won’t Cause Hair Loss

1. The Heat Is Relatively Safe

If you use your hair dryer correctly, which means your hair should keep a 12 – 15 inches from the nozzle. The surface of your strands will not be burnt so that you can maintain your hair’s healthy condition.

If you put the blow dryer too close to your hair, then your hair is likely to get super dry and brittle. The proteins in your tresses will lose its nutrition, causing split ends and frizz.

If the situation gets worse, your scalp will be damaged by the high heat, and your hair follicle will stop growing, even your hair will start to fall.

That’s why some people say using hair dryer makes their hair fall.

2. They Emit Negative Ions & Infrared Heat

Nowadays, most of the blow dryers will come with an ionic generator that helps you to get your hair more silky and soft. This will protect your hair from getting damaged by high heat, and it also reduces the risk of hair loss caused by dryness.

Besides, an infrared hair dryer is also great for protecting damaged hair. Because of the benefits of infrared heat, you don’t need pretty high heat to get the job done.

And infrared heat is gentle so it will not irritate your scalp, it’s the best fit for scalp inflammation & dermatitis. To minimum hair loss, infrared blow dryers will rank first on our list.

How to Prevent Your Hair From Getting Damaged By Blow-Drying

1. Use Hair Dryer Protectant

Heat protectant products are designed to give hair a protective finish. They moist your hair so it won’t be damaged by the airflow easily.

And the nutrition in the heat protectant can also penetrate your tresses so you can have a more shiny and more silky blowout.

If frizz hair is a problem that bothers you all the time, using blow dryer protectant is a great way to protect your hair before your hair starts to fall because of dryness and dullness.

2. Use Medium Temperature

Remember one thing, super hot airflow can burn your hair and irritate your scalp.

Even you don’t have any symptoms now, your hair will be a mess by exposure to high heat in the future.

Thus, always set the heat setting to a level that fits your hair type. Especially for people who have thin fine hair, which is more vulnerable and easy to get hurt.

If you have kinky 4c natural hair, keep in mind that you should keep a good distance to lower the temperature as well.

3. Directions of Blow Drying

Besides keep a distance, you should blow dry your hair in a downward direction to lower the damage of blow-drying.

Direct airflow to the hair roots, gently brush your hair and move it to the end. This is the safest and most healthy way to get your hair dry.

It may make your hair not as voluminous as upwards blowdrying. But you are worried about hair loss? Then this is the proper drying way to go for.

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