Cantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant Review

To avoid your hair being hurt by the high heat of blow-drying or air-styling, a suitable hair protectant is necessary.

Coincidentally, we came across this Cantu shea butter heat protectant a couple of days ago, let’s see how protective this little bottle can be to your hair.

Cantu Heat Protectant Overview Review

Cantu Shea Butter Thermal Shield Heat Protectant

Instead of a serum protectant, the heat protectant from Cantu is a spray that is easy to use. The Cantu heat protector is designed for most of the hair types such as kinky 4c hair, color, and permed hair, long thick hair, etc. And most importantly, it is natural organic product.

To get the silkiest result, the protectant will add light hold and moisture to your strands so you won’t feel your hair is frizzy after blow-drying.

Besides adding shine, adding moisture to your tresses is also great for protecting your hair from high heat damage. Your hair is likely to get burnt without any heat protectant.

The product has a special scent of shea butter, which is kind of like a tropical fruit smell.

It’s recommended to use this product before blowdrying and flat-ironing. According to Cantu, you should apply this product on semi-wet hair.

How’s The Protection

Well, this is a great product for styling hair unruly and shiny. It worked great for natural & curly hair.

Compared to blowdrying without any products, the drying result was shinier and softer.

With this heat protectant, it’s easier to conduct air-styling with your blow dryer. Your hair will be softer and easier to handle.

When it comes to protection, I did not feel something special during the blowdrying process. But the result was okay, my hair did not get burnt or hurt by the heat.

It’s hard to tell if the protectant is really useful, but you can always feel if it’s a product that makes your hair comfortable.

Cantu says the product can shields hair from heat up to 425 Degree Fahrenheit. Judging by this spec, it might not be the most protective item because some sprays can adhere to up to 425 Degree Fahrenheit.

Luckily, that’s still enough for most of us. The temperature of the hot air from your blow dryer and flat iron is much lower than 425°F. Usually, the temperature of the hottest hair dryer is around 170°F and the temperature of flat iron is about 370°F.

We recommend you not to use the highest heat for a long time. Because it will melt and oxidize the hair cortex, resulting in weak, brittle hair.

Any Cons?

Compared to other heat protectants on the market, the Cantu heat protectant is not pretty lightweight.

If you have long hair or thick hair, that’s fine for you. But, as a spray, it’s a little bit of a burden for people who have thin fine hair.


This Cantu heat protector is extremely cheap and it’s affordable for everyone. You can get the 5.1 Fluid Ounce package with a couple of dollars. As a hair spray, the price is Undefeatable.


Cantu butter thermal heat protector is an affordable hair product that makes your hair shiny and soft. It’s good for styling curly and wavy hair and the protection is okay for family use. But it’s not very lightweight, so it might not be a good choice for a bouncy or a thin hairstyle.

Cantu Heat Protectant Review
  • Styling
  • Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Price


Contu heat protectant is great for protecting thick natural hair from heat damage, and it’s also decent when it comes to adding shine and fighting flyaways. But it might be heavy for people who need lightweight hair products.

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