Revlon One Step, Root Booster, One Step Plus – Revlon Dryer Brushes Comparison


Now Revlon has three One Step brushes in total – Original One Step, One Step Plus, and the One Step Root Booster. With a smaller barrel, the Revlon Root Booster is the latest One Step hair brush dryer that is designed to give your roots more bounciness without using a hot curling wand. If you … Read more

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer PLUS – Why It’s a PLUS?


The Revlon One-Step hair dryer is the perfect hair tool that is deemed the one for people who are looking for the best affordable blow dryer brush, with a large-sized brush and a price that meets everyone’s budgets. But, a new Revlon One-Step PLUS just came out with some changes. If you have not placed … Read more