Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer PLUS – Why It’s a PLUS?

The Revlon One-Step hair dryer is the perfect hair tool that is deemed the one for people who are looking for the best affordable blow dryer brush, with a large-sized brush and a price that meets everyone’s budgets.

But, a new Revlon One-Step PLUS just came out with some changes. If you have not placed your order, you might want to take a look at how they compare to make your final decision.

Plus Vs. Original – The PLUS Version Has a New Design

Revlon One-StepPLUSOriginal
Brush Size2.4″4.25″
Heat Settings43
PriceBuy at ULTABuy at Amazon

At first glance, you can easily tell the brush on the Revlon PLUS dryer is smaller than the original Revlon One-Step. According to Revlon, the oval brush that comes with the PLUS version is 2.4″ while the old Revlon dryer’s brush is 4.25″.

They feature the same oval design but the Revlon PLUS is slimmer. And the handle of the new Revlon Plus is slightly longer than the old version. And one of the advantages of the compact design of the new Revlon dryer is that it becomes much more lightweight, and you will not get tired even after holding it for a long time.

The major difference you will notice is that the brush of the Revlon Plus is now detachable, making it more versatile and flexible to use. For people who need quicker hair drying time, you can take off the brush attachment and use the handle as a nice little hair dryer without the brush.

You may also see the One Step volumizer PLUS has bright red stripes on the sides, which is different than the regular Revlon one-step brush that uses pink color.

The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush PLUS Has 4 Heat Settings

Both the new and old Revlon One-Step dryer allows users to adjust heat settings conveniently in the middle of the drying & styling process. One difference is that the Revlon PLUS dryer brush features 4 heat settings (low, medium, high & cool), which is more flexible than the original model. And I’ve tested the heat from both products, and I felt the Revlon Plus in its highest setting was a bit hotter than the original model.

Sorry, The New Model Is Still Noisy

If you can’t stand the annoying loud noise caused by hot air dryer brushes, well, I’m sorry to let you know this new Revlon brush PLUS doesn’t have improvements in this aspect. The drying noise is as loud as the original model. I thought the smaller/slimmer size can help in reducing some of the noise levels after I turned it on, but the result was not as expected.

Revlon PLUS’s Motor Is More Durable

There is a big upgrade inside of the handle of the Revlon PLUS, they claim that a few users who bought the old Revlon One-Step said their brushes stopped working after a few months. So this time the Revlon One-Step PLUS is equipped with an upgraded motor, which is said to be 40% more long-lasting than the old one.

Styling Performance Comparison

Revlon shared some interesting things when it talked about the new Revlon One-Step brush: they compared the new model to the old model and they said the new PLUS model can deliver 75% shinier blowouts and 50% less heat exposure.

However, the specification is still on the paper. I’ve done my testing of the new Revlon PLUS volumizer and here is what I had. The Revlon One-Step PLUS gives hair volume more easily thanks to the smaller brush and you can roll the brush effortlessly even if your hair is not that long.

The new One-Step PLUS did create pretty shiny finishes and sleek texture, but I didn’t feel it’s way better than the original One-Step brush in this comparison, the final results looked similar. Another thing that I need to mention is that the new PLUS brush is as hot as my old dryer brush (maybe even hotter?), so I can’t visually see the difference between the hair damage.

It’s Worth The Higher Price? YES!

The price of the Revlon One-Step hair dryer & volumizer PLUS is $70, so it did raise significantly its price compared to the first generation of the brush. Luckily, the price is still reasonable and I personally think it is worth the money. If you hope this Revlon PLUS can give a whole new experience than the old one, then you might be disappointed.

Nevertheless, the Revlon PLUS’s detachable brush head, more durable motor, and advanced heat settings have made this new product a more competitive hot dryer brush over the regular Revlon One-Step hair dryer.

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