Drugstore Heat Protectant Review – Dove Style + Care Heat Protection Spray

Have you ever wondered if a pricey heat protectant and an affordable heat protectant really have a difference in performance? I just bought a Dove Style + Care heat protection spray at Walmart. Guess what, it worked much better than I expected.

Dove Style + Care Heat Protection Spray – Heat Protectant Review

Nozzle & Spray Quality – Fine and Decent

Honestly speaking, you won’t see any design in this heat protectant spray – Unlike other fancy heat protectant sprays with various shapes and looks, the Dove Style + Care heat protectant is just a little plastic bottle in white. And the nozzle looks like the cheapest travel spray bottle on the market.

However, the good thing is that the mist the spray nozzle delivers is still fine and even. It does not have much difference compared to those expensive sprays. But, I had some sprays whose nozzles got clogged easily. So my only concern is – will this Dove spray nozzle last long enough? Luckily, I didn’t find anyone who had complained about this issue online.

Smell – Fresh Fragrance

Overall, the smell of the Dove Style + Care heat protectant spray is pleasant to me. It’s kind of like a combination of fruity smell and clean scents. It might be slightly strong for people who don’t like scented products since the fragrance can stay on your hair for days. Nevertheless, I believe most people will love the spray since it can make your hair shaft smell good throughout the day.

Heat Protection & Performance

Surprisingly, the Dove Style + Care heat protectant spray works better than I thought it would. According to the product description, the spray provides heat protection up to 450 degrees and it did get the job done. Frankly speaking, I can’t see the protection directly when straightening my hair, but I do feel that it made my hair less dried and more hydrated after the hot styling process.

Besides, the spray provides a slight hold for your hair, this means this heat protection spray helps you to style and shape your hairstyles as well.

To me, a downside of this product is that it does not offer much shine to my hair. I could barely tell if my hair was sprayed after flat ironing my strands.

As for the texture of the heat protector, it is suitable for my curly coily hair, it does not weigh down my hair and leaves no residue on my hair. But I guess it would be slightly heavy for people with thin & fine hair.


The Dove Style + Care heat spray is definitely in a cheaper price range than other regular hair products, you can get one with only a few dollars at drugstores. As far as know, the spray is also available online and you can buy the Dove heat protectant for less than $6 at Target or Walmart.

Will I recommend it?

As an affordable heat protectant, this Dove Style + Care heat protection spray is a qualified product. It is not a perfect hair spray as it works better on thick hair and lacks obvious nourishments, but it still adds an extra layer of moisture that helps you handle hot tools’ damage.

If budget is a thing, then this Dove Style + Care heat protection spray is highly recommended, especially for people with curls and waves.

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