Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer Review – Will it outperform regular dryers?

Traditional hair dryers are boring, so more dryers are designed for different uses in 2022. Although cordless blow dryers are not something new for us, we still could not find a cordless hair dryer truly reliable. Nevertheless, we recently just found an interesting one – Lylux cordless hair dryer, which looks pretty similar to a wireless version of Dyson Supersonic. For people who need a hair dryer outdoor, it’s important to know if this battery-operated dryer is what you’re looking for.

Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer Review

Design – a Cordless Dyson Dupe?

The designs of hair dryers are always growing. The Lylux cordless hair dryer looks more advanced than traditional cordless hair dryers with a modern matte finish and a portable dryer body. There’re 6 batteries located in the dryer body to provide power and the dryer model is inside the handle.

But I have to be honest with you guys – Lylux definitely borrowed the whole design idea from the Dyson Supersonic, which is not something that I admire. There’re tons of Dyson dupes and knock offs on the market, and we don’t need another Dyson-like dryer claimed to be the “World’s first bladeless & cordless blow dryer”

Another disadvantage of the Lylux dryer is its weight. Because of the built-in batteries, you can easily feel the difference that the cordless hair dryer is heavier than regular dryers, even though it has a portable size.

Drying Performance

Sound – The cordless hair dryer is not quiet

I first thought the Lylux cordless hair dryer would be less noisy than regular powerful blow dryers since it’s small and battery-powered – but it turns out that these factors don’t make the hair dryer any quieter. On the contrary, this little cordless hair dryer is even louder than some full-sized handheld dryers that have decent noise cancellation.

Temperature – Not hot enough

Before I tested the Lylux hair dryer, I had already knew this dryer’s not gonna produce much heat. According to the product description, it says its maximum temperature is around 131° F. Basically, the highest heat mode of the Lylux hair dryer is equal to the low heat of regular blow dryers. For people who need a dryer that quickly dries their hair, this Lylux cordless dryer can take twice as long as a normal dryer.

Airflow Speed – It’s pretty decent

If the temperature does not cause you any trouble, the good news is the airflow the Lylux cordless hair dryer offers is excellent. It’s not the most powerful hair dryer that I’ve ever seen, but it is not weaker than any regular hair dryers on the market. Plus, it has multiple speed settings for you to choose from. A 3-speed system is not even common for many high-end hair dryers that cost a few hundred dollars.

Battery Life & Durance

One of the biggest problems that I encountered with a cordless hair dryer is that their battery life is a disaster.

Does the Lylux cordless hair dryer have any breakthrough when it comes to battery life? Well, I can tell the Lylux cordless hair dryer is equipped with an upgraded 88W fast charging base, which can fully charge the hair dryer in an hour, this is a big improvement compared to the cordless battery-operated dryer that I’ve seen.

But the thing is that these batteries still last short, you can only use the dryer for a few minutes when you set the settings to the highest. Lylux claims that the maximum battery life is about 100 minutes if you use it with cool air and low speed.

Price & Availability

Many of the new hair dryers these days are sitting at high prices, and the Lylux cordless hair dryer is one of them. The blow dryer is available on their official site and some other online stores. But I found the most budget choice is to get it on Amazon where you can buy the original version at $199.99 and the white version at $179.99.

My Verdict – IMO, It’s overpriced

I will not recommend people who are looking for a new hair dryer buy this Lylux cordless hair dryer to replace their old corded hair dryers. This cordless hair dryer only delivers warm air and it does not provide a long drying time due to the battery limits. On top of that, I don’t think the performance of this dryer is worth the high price.

However, for people who don’t need heat styling or people who would like to use a blow dryer without electricity, this Lylux hair dryer should be one of the best choices with its fast charging base.

Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer Review
  • Design
  • Drying Noise
  • Temperature
  • Drying Speed
  • Price


Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer Review


  • Fast Charging
  • Nice Airflow Power
  • Bladeless Dryer Design
  • Magnetic Nozzle


  • Low Temperature
  • Short Battery Life
  • Pricey

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