GAMMA+ XCell Ultra-Lightweight Blow Dryer Review

For people who are looking for a high-end hair dryer that came out recently, the GAMMA+ XCell seems to be a feature-packed hair dryer with an excellent exterior design. If you’ve read the specs of this hair dryer, it sounds like a perfect dryer without any flaws. But how does the GAMMA+ XCell blow dryer work in real tests – Here’s my honest review.

Design – It’s very portable and lightweight

At first glance, the GAMMA+ XCell dryer looks like a travel hair dryer because you can tell from the picture it’s a very small and portable hair tool compared to regular full-sized hair dryers. Usually, a hair dryer weighs about 1.2 to 1.8 pounds while this GAMMA+ XCell blow dryer’s total weight is only 0.65 pounds. So the blow dryer will not cause any fatigue even for long-time use.

As for its appearance, it’s has a stylish design – it comes with a black and silver finish and the filter of the dryer is futuristic, and GAMMA Plus claims that the filter has autonomous cleaning technology and it’s effortless to clean the filter with the reversing airflow.

What I have noticed is that the control buttons of the GAMMA+ XCell are pretty similar to the Dyson Supersonic dryer’s, and it also features indicators that let you know which settings are being used. What’s different from Dyson is that the Xcell blow dryer is equipped with a traditional cool shot button, which allows you to get the cold blast immediately with the most convenient method.

Why the GAMMA+ XCell dryer is so pricey?

Abandoning the old-school motor for mini hair dryers, the GAMMA+ XCell blow dryer features a surprisingly impressive digital brushless DC electric motor that has the highest speed up to 110,000 rpm, which is as powerful as the Dyson Supersonic’s v9 digital motor. Gamma+ claims that this motor has 30% more air pressure than other dryers in its class.

Also, just like the Dyson dryer, the GAMMA+ XCell hair dryer also has an intelligent heat control system, it helps to keep the temperature stable and prevents your hair from high heat damage to some degree. Another advantage of this dryer is that it has 3-speed settings, which is not usually seen on a conventional blow dryer.

To make sure the dryer is suitable for every hair type and styling need, the GAMMA+ XCell hair dryer comes with 5 attachments (4 different nozzles and 1 diffuser). This is probably the hair dryer that has the most concentrators included in the box.

GAMMA+ XCell Performance Review – Pros & Cons

It dries hair fast without obvious damage

As we mentioned above, the GAMMA+ XCell has an advanced brushless motor inside of the small body. What’s impressive about the tech is that it can deliver strong airflow without using a large container. To me, the GAMMA+ XCell is a powerful hair dryer with a travel-sized shell indeed. And it does not make hair very frizzy thanks to its ionic technology.

Nozzle attachments are good, but not that useful for me

Great drying power aside, the GAMMA+ XCell blow drying is a good styling tool with its 4 nozzles in different sizes. They even have named the nozzles individually – Extreme, Elegant, Delicate, Classic. However, I didn’t feel much difference when using these concentrators even though I could tell that the amount of airflow is not the same. Also, these attachments are not magnetic like Dyson’s, you need to click them into the dryer manually.

Sorry, this hair dryer is still loud

According to Gamma Plus, the new Xcell dryer’s noise has been optimized and the dryer is quiet with improved pitch and tone. I did not find this dryer is any quieter than regular blow dryer. On the contrary, the pitch of the Xcell dryer sounds a bit higher to me, I guess part of the reason is the high-speed motor and narrow drying body. When it comes to the noise decibel level, it’s not abysmal but it is slightly disappointing as a premium hair dryer in 2022.

My Concern – I don’t know how long it will last

You might be surprised by the fact that high-end hair tools are not always long-lasting. If you check out our previous post about how to fix a broken Dyson Supersonic, there’re tons of people are complaining about their technical problems. The Gamma+ Xcell, as a blow dryer that only came out for a few months, is not considered to be 100% reliable since we don’t have enough data to prove it.

Verdict – It does its job well, but it’s overpriced for me

The Gamma+ Xcell dryer is a powerful blow dryer with a mini-sized dimension, offering decent blow drying performance, precise styling nozzles, and an innovative self-clean filter. It dries hair nicely and does not bring serious frizz and flyaways to hair.

However, there are a few reasons that can stop you from hitting that add-to-cart button. It does have a solid and powerful motor that is embedded in a small dryer, but does it really cut your drying time significantly? At least it’s not that effective to me. And it didn’t overcome the barrier that a narrow dryer body will have loud noise. Finally, we still don’t know if this dryer is durable and long-lasting enough since it’s a fairly new model. So, buying this hair dryer for $300 is still a bold move in my opinion.

GAMMA+ XCell Ultra-Lightweight Blow Dryer Review
  • Design & Portability
  • Accessories & Attachments
  • Drying Performance
  • Noise Level
  • Price


GAMMA+ XCell Ultra-Lightweight Blow Dryer


Super lightweight and portable

4 different nozzles

Powerful Drying Motor

3 Speeds

Self-cleaning filter


Slightly Noisy


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