The Best Hot Air Brush for Synthetic Wigs & How to Defrizz Wigs with It

Maintaining synthetic wigs is important to ensure that the wigs are silky and beautiful. To keep the wigs’ sheen & texture. we need to take care of them like how we treat our real hair.

Besides regular washing, some people may wonder if we can defrizz and style synthetic wigs with the help of a hot air brush? Well, you can. But there are a few things you should know first, and it is slightly different from the styling process of real hair.

In today’s blog post, we will see the top 3 hot air brush for synthetic wigs. And we will figure out why they are perfect to take care of synthetic wigs. Moreover, we will show you how to use the hot air brush on your synthetic wigs, follow the steps and you will have no problems with styling your synthetic wigs next time.

Best 3 Hot Air Brush for Synthetic Wigs in 2020

1. HOT TOOLS Professional Hot Air Styling Brush

HOT TOOLS Professional Hot Air Styling Brush

This professional hot air brush is designed for achieving professional styling results, and you can use the brush on synthetic wigs and human hair both.

It is a versatile styling tool and has multiple heat settings to create gorgeous and smooth hair. The design of its barrel is kind of innovative and you can take off the barrel of the brush, which makes it really easy to clean.

The hot air brush comes with ball-tipped bristles, it won’t hurt your hair and it is helpful for defrizzing your synthetic wigs.

For better user experience, the hot air brush features a cool tip that gives your hand more protection while styling. Most surprisingly, this little tool is guaranteed with a 7-year limited warranty, the reliable performance is the reason why you should choose it for your synthetic wigs.

2. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer Brush

What is the best hair dryer brush model in 2020? If you ask 10 people, nine of them will say it’s Revlon One-Step.

This Revlon is not only a popular hot air brush for styling your hair but also a powerful tool for synthetic wigs. You may find this brush is bigger than a traditional hot air brush, it is because it actually can dry your hair like a real dryer.

To create hair volume, the dryer is a good fit as its airflow can lift the hair up. What is the most important thing for styling a synthetic wig? I would say the ability to defrizzing and reducing flyaways. The oval brush packs a special ionic technology, according to Revlon, it can reduce 30% less hair frizz after styling.

That is a great feature for synthetic wig too since synthetic wigs won’t produce natural oil, a hot styling tool sometimes will make them dry and dull.



The Conair hot air brush combo is designed for people who want more styling flexibilities. The styler brush is good for natural and synthetic hair and it is equipped with two tourmaline and ceramic brush attachments.

These materials are going to safely dry wet synthetic wigs and gives the wigs more shine. Moreover, it comes with a powerful ion generator which can release 100x more concentrated negative ions. So your wigs can always stay silky even you apply high heat on them.

Their tangle-free antistatic bristles also perform well on wigs. To detangle and defrizz the synthetic wigs, these soft-textured bristles will bring the most gentle care to them. By having two brushes, you can create big waves and small curls easily with this hot air brush.

How to Style & Smoothen Your Synthetic Wigs with a Hot Air Brush?

Refreshing your synthetic wigs is pretty easy. Before you use the hot air brush on a wig, you can apply some natural oil to add more shine to the wig if you think it is too dry.

Basically, you just need to take the wig section by section and brush each section till they look manageable and smooth.

The most important thing during the styling process is to create tension so that you can change the shape of the synthetic wig. If you want to create curls on the bang or the hair ends, rotate the hot air brush and hold it for a few seconds. So the heat will curl the wig automatically.

You can refer to the video tutorial below if there is anything that confuses you.

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