Finding Best Travel Hot Air Brushes with Dual Voltage? They Are All Here

Have you thought about the question: Can a hot air brush be used in other countries in Europe & Asia? You might be thinking is easy to get this done, you just need to plug the hot air brush in and everything is going to be fine.

Well, the truth is a little bit more complicated than that. Normally, if the hot air brush is purchased in the US, it is unlikely to work properly in Europe because of the voltages are different. But, there are some hot brush models that can easily solve the problem by adding a dual voltage feature.

If you are planning to take a hot air brush outside of America, don’t forget to check if it has dual voltage. If your hot brush does not have one, here I would like to introduce some best hot air brushes with dual voltage on the market.

Best Hot Air Brushes with Dual Voltage in 2020

1. Hot Tools Heated IONIC Hair Styling Brush with Dual Voltage

You won’t see the Hot Tools hair dryer brush everywhere since it is not an extremely popular hot air brush.

Although most people actually don’t know Hot Tools has this product, it does not affect the fact that this styling brush is a very good choice when finding a dual voltage model.

The heated brush is a 1 1/2 inch hot styler, and it comes with a simple design that you only one visible button to control this product. The barrel is built with strong bristles and is coated with tourmaline, giving your hair negative ions that reduce frizz and create bouncy texture.

You can switch on/off the ionic function by the button, and there is a small LED light display that tells you what mode it is.

Featuring a universal dual voltage, the Hot Tools hot air brush is great for traveling and you can easily take it on a plane. The heated brush supports voltage between 110v – 240v, it is an excellent on-the-go hot air brush.

2. SwanMyst Travel-friendly Heated Curling Iron Brush with Dual Voltage

Here’s an affordable choice for those of us who want a cheap dual voltage hot air brush.

The SwanMyst is budget-friendly but it can also get the job done effectively. The styler is multifunctional, you can use this brush for straightening, creating curls, even detangling your hair.

With a tourmaline & ceramic barrel, the brush will deliver more ions while giving you fresh looks. It also comes with a big cool top so that you will not get burned by the heat.

To suit your styling needs better, it packs 3 heat settings for different uses. The lowest temperature is 320℉, and the highest setting is 430℉. For people who want to reduce heat damage, you can set it to the low setting to protect your hair.

As a travel hot air brush, it has dual voltage 100-240V~ for worldwide use and it will automatically shut off after 40 minutes to ensure your safety.

3. PHOEBE Dual Voltage Hot AIir Brush Styler

This Phoebe hot air brush is very similar to the last one, but it is slightly more advanced. The brush is also great for versatile use, you basically can style any type of hair with this styler.

Let’s see the barrel first, the barrel comes with anti-scald surface and Nylon bristles. Besides, the barrel is made of ceramic and tourmaline, lowering the damage and locking the moisture of your har.

When it comes to temperature settings, the hot airflow delivers heat from 265℉ to 430℉ with an LCD digital display. Thus, you can also change the temperature to suits your hairstyle. Even though it is a powerful hot styler, the heat up is very fast and it heats up in 30 seconds.

And it comes with a 60-min auto-shutoff function so that it will not cause hazards. The dual voltage function allows you to use this reliable heated brush in any country. Most importantly, you don’t need to switch the voltage. According to the brand, this hot brush will change its voltage setting automatically.

4. COOLKESI Ionic Hot Air Brush for Straightening Hair

If you have kinky long hair, then you must know how annoying it is to detangle hair with a comb. Well, this hair straightener brush should be helpful. From the shape of this brush, you will know this hot paddle brush is designed for straightening hair. Unlike a regular round rotating brush, this product is suitable for straightening men’s beard and women’s long hair both.

The heated brush has a super-fast heat-up time (30s), and the teeth of the brush are high-density, ensuring your hair won’t get hurt by hard bristles.

Also, this straightener brush comes with ionic technology for healthy-looking har, and you can adjust the temperature from 180°F to 450°F to get the best styling results. No matter how thick your hair is, this product can detangle your hair knots effectively.

We have mentioned that using a heat glove while using heat tools is vital. And this dual voltage hot air brush comes with a free heat-resistant glove so that you can use this brush safely without getting your hands burned.

5. Conair 2-in-1 Hot Air Curling Combo Hair Dryer Brush

We love the design that you can change the brush barrel to create more hairstyles.

There are two interchangeable barrels of this hot air brush. The wide one is a good fit for adding hair volume and getting hair curled. And the smaller one is a great one for detangling hair as it has aluminum bristles.

Unfortunately, the hair dryer brush features two heat settings only. You only have high/low to choose from when creating hairstyles.

But it is still a good travel hot air brush as it comes with dual voltage for worldwide travel. And it is not pricey at all, this product is definitely the best choice when buying a temporary on-the-go hot air styler for travel.

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