Voduz “Blow Out” Vs. LanaiBLO Hair Dryer – Good Choice for Hair Enthusiast in Europe

There’s no doubt that Dyson is always the leading hair dryer brand in Europe, but there are also many niche brands to consider. For people who are not concerned about new-released hair dryers, you probably have never heard of the brand “Voduz” and “LanaiBLO”. But if you’re thinking about picking up a high-end blow dryer online and you are located in Europe, these are fairly decent choices that meet your needs.

To find out the differences between Voduz and LanaiBLO hair dryer, we found something that you may be interested in.

Voduz “Blow Out” Infrared Hair Dryer Vs. LanaiBLO Hair Dryer

Strengths of The LanaiBLO Hair Dryer

Personalized Design & Multiple Color Options

Voduz hair dryers come in white and black – two options. They have a pretty simple exterior design and come with a nice little silver label on the side of the dryer body. Overall, it’s a traditional hair dryer, it’s got beautiful coatings and a compact design, but there is nothing really special to point out.

Although the shape of the LanaiBLO hair dryer looks regular too, LanaiBLO hair dryers offer more options in surface colors, and you have up to 10 options from basic pure black to metal-like gold rose. But colors aside, the point is, LanaiBLO also allows you to have customized print on the dryer. You can buy a one and only hair dryer for you or your loved ones, and it will just take up to 14 days for delivery.

Remarkable Blow Drying Power

The biggest benefit of the LanaiBLO hair dryer is that it’s really powerful and it can work as a professional hair dryer in commercial salons. Thanks to the 2400 watts motor, the dryer from LanaiBLO is able to get wet hair dry quickly and decently. The LanaiBLO hair dryer does not feature luxury digital heat/speed settings like Dyson or T3, but it is already adequate for blow drying hair on a daily basis, you can achieve 6 speed/heat options by adjusting the separate control buttons.

On the other hand, the Voduz “Blow Out” infrared dryer is definitely not considered to be a weak hair tool, it is just not that powerful when compared to the LanaiBLO dryer. The Voduz dryer is still a qualified dryer for daily routine, the only flaw is that it only features two heat settings.

Strengths of The Voduz “Blow Out” Blow Dryer

Portable Size

You can tell obviously that the Voduz “Blow Out” hair dryer is smaller than the LanaiBLO dryer when comparing their sizes. The Voduz dryer body’s edges are more rounded and it’s easier to pack in the luggage case. As a travel dryer, the Voduz dryer is more friendly to go out with for its portableness. (We’re just talking about their dimensions here, in terms of weight, the Voduz dryer does not have an advantage, the LanaiBLO dryer only weighs 402 grams)

Price Is Lower Than The LanaiBLO Hair Dryer

LanaiBLO hair dryer retails for €99 and the personalized version is €114.99, Voduz hair dryer is £69.99, which is about €83.83. It’s pretty clear that the Voduz hair dryer is more affordable even though there’s not a huge gap.

My Verdict:

First, if you don’t have any particular needs for drying hair, these two hair dryers are both great. They deliver decent airflow and both of them have ionic technology for protecting strands from dryness and frizz.

But I personally think the LanaiBLO hair dryer is better for value. Even though it is a hair dryer that came out a few years ago, I prefer the colorful surface. Most importantly, it has really powerful blow drying abilities and LanaiBLO claims that it’s especially beneficial for people wearing hair extensions.

For these reasons, I think the LanaiBLO hair dryer might be a better choice if you have long or thick hair that takes much time to dry. But even though the LanaiBLO might be my personal preferable pick that doesn’t mean the Voduz “Blow Out” dryer is bad. The Voduz “Blow Out” dryer is a newer model and TBH you won’t feel much difference in the blow drying process if your hair is not extremely thick.

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