Fenne Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic – My Review: Another Dyson Dupe

Dyson Supersonic is surely the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of “luxury hair dryers”. However, most of us still prefer a regular dryer because a Dyson dryer is super expensive. Thus, many hair tool companies started to make Dyson-like blow dryers at affordable prices, and the new Fenne hair dryer is one of them.

The question is: how good is the Fenne hair dryer? It’s a solid Dyson Supersonic alternative or it is just a cheap, poor-quality dupe? We’ll find out here!

Fenne Hair Dryer Review – Is it a good Dyson alternative?

It’s Got a Similar Design to Dyson, But…

For people who like the Dyson design, you will be interested in this. This Fenne hair dryer has a pretty similar look to Dyson Supersonic, and the Fenne hair dryer also utilizes a straight handle and a portable cylinder dryer body, it even comes with a red/purple ring on the back of the dryer body.

However, you can easily tell the Fenne hair dryer is not a real luxury hair tool – The coating quality of this is not even close to the authentic Dyson. Unlike Dyson’s metal-like surface, the coating material of the Fenne hair dryer is hard plastic. Other than that, the Fenne dryer only has a toggle switch – it does not allow you to change heat and speeds individually, and it does not have any temperature indicators either. Most importantly, this Fenne hair dryer does not have the same bladeless and hollow dryer design as Dyson because of its limited technology. You probably will be attracted by the look of the Fenne hair dryer at first glance, but Dyson is still much better in material and design.

Drying Performance – It’s acceptable as a blow dryer

The good news is that if you’re only looking for a hair dryer at a budget-friendly price, the Fenne hair dryer is actually a decent choice. The airflow is powerful enough and the temperature is easy to adjust. Thanks to its included concentrator and diffuser attachments, this Fenne hair dryer does cut drying time slightly and you can blow-dry and define curls more conveniently.

It does not have any advanced haircare technology or smart features, but it did not hurt or damage my hair and scalp in my test. And you can effortlessly and flexibly rotate the 9-feet long power cord while styling hair, which is a bonus for me. In one word, this hair dryer does not provide premium drying experiences and performances and it only has one button for settings, but it can blow dry hair efficiently and soften and smoothen strands effectively, which is better than most traditional dryers.

Fenne Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic

Dyson’s Technologies Are Way Better

Unarguably, as one of the best hair dryers in the market, Dyson Supersonic is undefeatable in terms of hair drying technologies. When buying a Dyson Supersonic, you are not just buying a unique blow dryer with the motor positioned in the handle, but also paying for its accurate digital motor, intelligent heat detection, precise heat/speed settings, and more. While the fenne hair dryer is more like a regular hair dryer covered in a Dyson shell, it does not have any functions except for getting your hair blow-dried.

Dyson’s Unique Magnetic Attachments

Another thing you may have noticed is that the Dyson Supersonic is equipped with various attachments and they are all magnetic, which means you don’t need to click the attachments in manually, these attachments will automatically attach to the dryer when you put them close to the dryer nozzle.

This might not be a significant plus for some people, but it is a unique feature that I’d like to point out. And this is also related to the materials of the dryer body that I mentioned above. Since the Fenne hair dryer has a plastic exterior, you won’t have high-end attachments included.

This One Is Obvious, the Dyson Is More Pricey

One thing is clear: Although these two dryers look alike on the outside, the Dyson Supersonic is way more expensive than the Fenne hair dryer and an order should not be placed lightly.

The Dyson Supersonic will run you about $400 – $500 based on different colors, attachments, and combo options. The Fenne blow dryer, on the other hand, is no more pricey than a drug-store dryer. Although I have seen the Fenne blow dryer’s original price is 350 on some news, it seems that everybody can get it with around 45 dollars now.

Final Verdict

It may seem like unfair competition, there is nothing to compare between the Fenne hair dryer and Dyson supersonic. As a regular blow dryer, the Fenne hair dryer is qualified – it’s portable, affordable, and it gets the blow drying job done nicely. Expect price, it has no advantages compared to a real luxury Dyson hair dryer with premium technologies and features. As long as you don’t consider budget as a problem, the Dyson Supersonic is definitely the better choice.

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