Is Xiaomi Dreame Hair Dryer Greater Than Dyson Supersonic?

The Dyson Supersonic has long been the hair dryer of choice for people buying the most luxury dryer with the best drying experience. This is because it’s a solid blow dryer with the most advanced features. As well as being reliable, it provides a fantastic product design and precise heat control.

However, we recently noticed that the new Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer is pretty aesthetic as well. It is kind of looks like a Supersonic blow dryer with a few details changed. And I searched for the price, you know what, the Xiaomi Dreame blow dryer is only half the price of the Dyson Supersonic.

Let’s see what they have in common and we will judge together if the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer is a better affordable fit than the Dyson Supersonic dryer.

Xiaomi Dreame vs Dyson Supersonic – Design

Apparently, the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer borrowed the look of the Dyson Supersonic in some ways. The Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer looks pretty similar to the Dyson Supersonic from the outside, especially the straight handle and the mesh filter.

Let’s move on to the looks and styling of the dryer body, you will find there are many things different between them two. Let’s say our conclusion first, there’s no debating Dyson Supersonic is still the best in design.

Why did we say that? First things first, the biggest difference is that the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is completely bladeless. That is to say, you don’t see any components including the drying motor and propeller in the dryer body. Although Xiaomi is smart as they cover up the heating parts so that you won’t see them too, it is still not 100% hollow as your finger can not go through the drying part

Out of the two blow dryers, I will definitely give it to the Dyson Supersonic. It’s more modern and the hollow drying vent is magical, the Dyson hair dryer hands down on style.

Which Has the Better Drying Experience? Dyson!

We had so many expectations for the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer as it looks like an expensive Dyson alternative, and we believed it should have advanced drying settings including multiple heat and speeds.

However, the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer only comes with one control button, by which you have two settings to choose from. It does not offer you the option to change the temperature or speed separately. With that being said, there is only “high and low” when it comes to airflow and airspeed, just like a regular travel hair dryer.

Luckily, the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer is almost as powerful as Dyson if you set the speed setting to high. And it does not create a very noisy sound. Compared to the Dyson Supersonic, a working Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer’s pitch is slightly lower, but the noise level is almost the same.

I also found that the Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer’s attachments are also magnetic, which is pretty similar to Dyson. And their attachments are interchangeable, which is quite surprising to me. Although you may find their attachments are not exactly the same, but you can attach their nozzles to both dryers indeed.

Conclusion – Xiaomi Dreame or Dyson Supersonic

For me, I would say Dyson is still the winner. Why? Because I think it comes down to preference as well as cost-effectiveness. I love the way Dyson Supersonic looks and it has a special drying patent that no hair dryer can copy. Most importantly, Dyson Supersonic’s settings are more precise and versatile.

As for the new Xiaomi Dreame hair dryer, you can not go wrong with it either. But I personally think is a little bit overpriced considering its features and settings. It is a beautiful hair dryer, this is not something I can not deny. But the problem is it looks like a Dyson Dupe, and it does not have many drying flexibilities. Generally speaking, I think this hair dryer is too simple for its high price.

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