The 3 Best 12-Volt Portable Hair Dryers On The Market

How to blow dry hair for extended periods is always a problem for RV owners & campers, but the truth is that 12-volt hair dryers are very hard to find in today’s market. Although 12-volt hair dryers and cordless battery operated hair dryers are not outdoor essential, your outdoor life can be much easier with an on-the-go hair dryer .

When you’re in the market for a 12-volt blow dryer, you’ll find available models are super limited. So we put together this list of the best 12-volt portable hair dryers and hope it helps. These 12V hair dryers are suitable for car, RV off-roading, and off-grid camping.

Besides, we will also show you things that you should know for using 12-volt hair dryers in this guide.

Let’s check them out!

The Best 12-Volt Hair Dryers

1. Prime Products 12V Portable Hair Dryer – Made In The USA

Prime Products 12V Portable Hair Dryer

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If you’re shopping around for a mini hair dryer that is a good fit for your car or RV, this 12V hair dryer is the most popular model on the market. The dryer does a decent job when you use it as an emergency hair dryer on the go, and it comes with a durable cord that provides convenience and flexibility.

As a mini hair dryer for outdoor use, the 12-volt dryer has two heat settings: a warm setting and a cold setting. Of cause, this 165W hair dryer is not as powerful as a high wattage hair dryer, but it is still a good choice for getting blowouts done when you are in the wild.

According to one of the customers, the hair dryer works perfectly with his solar home that is wired for DC. For people who have a solar power system or power station, this lightweight mini 12V hair is probably a nice solution to blow-drying hair in the natural world.

2. Aneil 12V Blow Dryer for Car & Travel Camping

Aneil 12V Blow Dryer for Car

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The small hair dryer comes with a 216-watt drying motor, which is slightly higher than the last model. The compact & folding design allows you to fold the hair dryer and minimize the size for storing it in your luggage.

With two temperature settings, you are also able to adjust the heat from cold to warm. Besides, the overheat protection will automatically shut off the dryer when it is too hot.

This mini hair dryer is designed for cars and recreational vehicles, so you can simply plug it into a 12V car power socket like the cigarette lighter to use this product. And you can also plug the dryer into a 12V power supply and it can work as a normal hair dryer when camping.

3. MASO Car 12V Portable Folding Hair Dryer

MASO Car 12V Portable Folding Hair Dryer

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Another similar product from MASO, this 12V hair dryer’s motor also comes with 216 watts and ideal to use for camping, car, and caravan.

This mini folding hair dryer is also equipped with two heat settings, and it has an auto shut-off function as well. If you plan on using it in your car, you just need to plug the dryer into the cigarette lighter without any extra process.

One thing I liked about the hair dryer is that there is a 1-year warranty Guaranteed. Although this blow dryer is a pretty cheap product, you can feel free to contact their support to replace a new one if there is anything wrong.

Pros & Cons of 12-Volt Hair Dryers


No doubt, a 12V hair dryer can provide styling convenience on the go, you can get blowouts anywhere as long as you have a car cigarette lighter or portable battery supply. And these hair dryers are small and easy to store, your trip will be much easier with a lightweight hair tool.

And an energy-efficient 12V hair dryer is versatile. Besides blow drying your hair, you can use it to defrost anything that is moist.


However, there are no many choices for 12V hair dryers on the market. The available models are not as effective as our regular 110V blow dryers. So the airflow a 12-volt blow dryer delivers is weaker and the temperature may not reach a hot level.

You can not style your hair precisely with 12V hair dryers as they are designed for roughly drying your hair on the road. And these 12 hair dryers don’t have any advanced drying technologies and features, so you don’t expect the drying results can be perfect.

Other Solutions to Drying Hair Outdoor Without a 12V Dryer

Well, even though a 12-volt hair dryer can fulfill the basic drying needs, are there any ways to get better drying experiences when camping? My recommendation would be to get another source of power!

In fact, there are many rechargeable portable power stations that come with solar generators and 110V outlets to buy. With this type of battery pack station, you can opt in a 110-volt travel hair dryer that has more powerful airflow. You can choose a low wattage hair dryer, and a 700-watt mini hair dryer is an excellent choice for traveling.

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