How Long Do Hair Dryers Last? Should You Buy a New Hair Dryer Now?

Hair drying is one of the most important processes for maintaining healthy hair quality and keeping beautiful hair texture. Without quality blowouts, our hair is not able to stay on its peak condition, and our hair can be frizzy & dull.

Also, as a significant process before using any hair styling technique, the quality of hair drying is another big factor in getting a good hairstyle. Therefore, you should always make sure your hair dryer is working properly and it should deliver powerful & even airflow.

Once your hair dryer is too old to perform well, then you should say goodbye to it immediately. If you want to know what signs mean that you need to dump the old dryer and when you should replace the old hair dryer? Here are the answers.

How Long Do Hair Dryers Last?

Every hair dryer has a different lifespan. Averagely, hair dryers on the market can last for 600 – 1000 hours of use. According to the statistic, if you wash your hair and use 20 minutes to blow dry your hair every day, a new hair dryer should be retired after about 5 years later.

Although a hair dryer does not last extremely long, it does not mean that you should throw away your old dryer without any hesitation after several years, especially when you have an expensive blow dryer at hand. A Hair dryer’s lifespan varies depending on motor technology & heater’s quality. For example, Dyson claims that its Supersonic hair dryer can be used for more than ten years.

In conclusion, if your hair dryer is still working perfectly, you have no needs to waste your money to purchase a new one even though your current dryer is an old model. But you should always be careful with your old hair dryer’s condition, and I will show you some signs you need to consider buying a new blow dryer in the next part.

Signs You Should Upgrade Your Old Hair Dryer

Your Hair Dryer Is Noisy

Sometimes a noisy hair dryer is caused by a blocked filter, it creates annoying noise as the airflow can not fully go through the dryer body. Or, if the dryer inside is blocked by lint or dirt build-up, you will also hear a high-pitch noise too. Luckily, these problems can be solved by cleaning your hair dryer thoroughly.

However, if the noise is caused by the drying motor or the heater, I suggest you buy a new hair dryer instead. A hair dryer with a noisy motor is dangerous and can not be fixed by regular troubleshooting.

Your Hair Dryer Has Poor Airflow

If you find your hair dryer takes longer to blow dry your hair than usual or the airflow is not as powerful as it was, you can consider buying a new one.

Once your hair dryer is too old and it lacks drying power, then this could be a sign that the drying motor is aged. And there is no way to repair a dying weak motor since it has completed its mission.

Your Hair Dryer Becomes Overheated Easily

Usually, a hair dryer will come with an auto shut-off function that will be triggered when your hair dryer is too hot. But, when your hair dryer loses control, the auto shut-off function may be malfunctioning.

If your hair dryer becomes very hot after sever minutes of use or its heating wires turn red quickly, you need to stop using the dryer immediately! Those overheated hair dryers can be a fire hazard, and they are likely to cause circuit breakers to trip. And a new hair dryer is the only way to go.

How to Maintain Your Hair Dryer to Extend Its Lifespan

Clean Your Hair Dryer Peroidly

A dirty hair dryer can make your hair full of dirt & lint. Most importantly, if you never clean your hair dryer, the dryer can be blocked by hair & residue overtime. What will a clogged hair dryer do? It creates noise and delivers uneven airflow.

Thus, you’d better check out the filter status once a month and make sure the air vent is not blocked by any blockages.

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Organize Your Hair Dryer Correctly

As a home electronic device, your hair dryer should stay away from humid places. The moist can go into the motor accidentally and cause damage to the heater components. Many people love blow-drying their hair and place all their styling tools in the bathroom, that is not a good idea.

On top of that, you should not twist and wrap the power cord crazily to put your hair dryer in the drawer after use. The cable of a hair dryer is hard to snap, but it might get poor-connected as time passed. To solver this problem, you can find a nice place for storing your styling tools or make a suitable hair dryer holder by your self.

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  1. My Dayson hair dryer died after 3.5 years of and I have used my other par-lax hair dryer almost half of the time at work as well, which is almost equivalent to about 2 years.
    Ordinary hair dryers used to last me about 4-5 years minimum.
    Very disappointed with Dayson


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