CHI Lava Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic – Which Pricey Dryer Is Better?

When the CHI Lava hair dryer first came out, the compact design of the dryer body reminded me of the famous Dyson Supersonic blow dryer immediately.

As another blow dryer that focuses heavily on the innovative and ergonomic design, the CHI Lava hair dryer comes with many advanced interesting features as well. If you’re curious about how the CHI Lava Hair Dryer compares to Dyson’s flagship – Supersonic hair dryer, this is what we are going to talk about today!

Design-Wise: The CHI Lava Is Great, But The Dyson Supersonic Is Still The Best

The CHI Lava hair dryer resembles the Dyson Supersonic in some way, while we still think Dyson Supersonic’s design is the best of the best in the market. First, the CHI Lava hair dryer and Dyson Supersonic both have a compact dryer body design, their heaters are not as bulky as other conventional blow dryers.

The CHI Lava Farouk hair dryer is coated with black & red colored gradients. Compared to the Dyson Supersonic, the CHI Lava has a sense of stylish & cool feeling.

But, one major difference is that the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer is completely bladeless, which means you won’t see any heater components & wires. While the CHI Lava hair dryer hides its heater and propeller behind a filter. Even though you can’t see the heating part, they are not 100% invisible.


When you take a look at their control buttons, the Dyson Supersonic uses 4 rounded buttons that allow you to adjust temperature and speeds. The CHI Lava is more simple in this respect. the CHI Lava dryer only has a cold shot button on the front side, and the temperature control switch is on the backside of the dryer’s handle.


Generally speaking, the CHI Lava is a very beautifully-designed product in today’s market, but we still prefer Dyson’s design as it is more compact and the surface texture is more exquisite.

Drying Experience: Dyson Supersonic Is More Powerful, CHI Lava Is More Soothing

When it comes to the drying power, the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer is definitely more powerful. First, if you take a look at their wattage, the Dyson Supersonic has its special patented v9 drying motor, which is 1600 watts. As for the CHI Lava hair dryer, it packs 1100 watt DC drying motor, which makes the CHI Lava dryer is more lightweight but can not be as powerful as high wattage hair dryers.

Besides the drying power, the Dyson Supersonic has more settings to choose from. You can change the temperature and speed separately by pressing the rounded button. And Dyson Supersonic has 4 heat settings and 3 speed settings, the smart detection will measure the air temperature 20 times every second.

Unfortunately, the CHI Lava dryer only has 3 heat/speed settings, and you can not change the heat or speed individually. However, as a more power-efficient model, the CHI Lava is great for smoothing hair and reducing heat damage. It features Volcanic Lava and a honeycomb ceramic heater that releases infrared heat & negative ions to provide gentle and consistent airflow during the blow drying process. So your hair can stay healthy and shiny after the blowout.

CHI Lava Hair Dryer vs Dyson Supersonic – Attachments & Accessories

CHI & Dyson both have great attachments. You will get three locking attachments: a concentrated nozzle, a smoothing nozzle comb with picks, and a diffuser for creating volume for curly hairstyles.

Dyson’s attachments are pretty similar to the CHI’s, but the special part of Dyson Supersonic’s attachments is that they are all magnetic. There is a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator, and a diffuser included in the box if you purchase a standard package.


It is hard to say which type of attachment is better. Magnetic attachments are easier to use and they look more advanced than regular locking attachments. But sometimes magnetic attachment will accidentally fall off the blow dryer.

Besides the attachments, you will also find that the CHI Lava hair dryer is equipped with an 11 feet cord. We love hair dryer with a long cord as it adds more styling flexibility. For people who need to buy a blow dryer for salon, the CHI Lava’s power cord length is ideal as well.

Pricing: CHI Lava Hair Dryer Is More Affordable

If money is not a problem, we’re pretty confident about which one we should choose. But, the truth is that the CHI Lava Hair Dryer is about half the price of the Dyson Supersonic.

Dyson Supersonic starts at $399 and you may get some discounts if you purchase their product bundles. As for the CHI Lava hair dryer, the price on their official website is $179.99.

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