Waver Comparison – Bed Head A Wave We Go vs Wave Artist Deep Waver

If you’re planning on getting a new hair tool for creating beautiful waves, then Bed Head’s wavers are definitely worth looking at. They are affordable and easy to create wavy looks.

The most popular two names that you will come across – A Wave We Go vs Wave Artist Deep Waver. Although they are both bestsellers on the market, their design and features are not quite the same. Is one of these a better option than the other? Well, let’s see which model should be your choice.

Bed Head A Wave We Go vs Wave Artist Deep Waver – Specs Comparison

Bed Head Waver ModelA-Wave-We-GoWave Artist
Weight1.3 pounds1.19 Pounds
Plates TechnologyTourmaline + Ceramic2X Tourmaline+Ceramic
Heat Settings630
Max Temp400 Degree Fahrenheit400 Degree Fahrenheit
Adjustable BarrelYesNO
Auto OffYesYes
Dual VoltageYesYes
Cord Length6 Feet6 Feet

Bed Head A Wave We Go vs Wave Artist Deep Waver – Buying Guide

The A Wave We Go hair waver and the Wave Artist deep waver are both ideal if you are want to have glamorous beachy waves. They don’t have a huge gap in pricing and you can purchase them easily online.

Both the A Wave We Go and the Wave Artist are very powerful curling tools whose barrels can become very hot in a short time so that you can style your hair effortlessly. Compared to other regular curling wands, the Bed Head’s wavers that are only designed for wavy looks can go up to 400 degrees easily. The high temperature can make your hair manageable within seconds, and it is especially great for adding smooth waves to our hair.

But, there are some differences between these two wavers.

The Main Difference – The A-Wave-We-Go Hair Waver Is Adjustable

The A-Wave-We-Go uses an adjustable waver barrel plate, which makes it more versatile for creating different levels of waves. You can change the depth by rotating the knob on the top of the waver, and the barrel has 4 presets for you.

By having the adjustable barrel, you don’t need to buy several stylers to create various waves. You can achieve ultra-loose waves and super defined curls with only a Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go hair waver. Although you can still get the same look by changing the hold time with other wavers, using the A-Wave-We-Go adjustable barrel is more precise and convenient to get the job done.

The A-Wave-We-Go Hair Waver Packs Indicator Lights

Compared to the Bed Head Wave Artist deep hair waver, one of the advantages of the A-Wave-We-Go hair waver is that it lets you know the current temperature by having 6 digital indicator lights.

And this is the only problem with the Wave Artist waver as it is quite important for us to know the temperature, especially when we are holding a super hot tool to style our hair.

The Wave Artist Deep Waver Comes with 2X Tourmaline+Ceramic Technology

The Bed Head Wave Artist deep waver has two generations, and each of them is equipped with double tourmaline and ceramic technology. For most hair tools, tourmaline and ceramic technology is the key to combat frizz and add a healthy shine to hair, giving hair more smoothness and protection.

Compared to the A-Wave-We-Go hair waver, the Wave Artist deep waver offers more tourmaline and ceramic so that the waver should be suitable for people who need to take care of damaged hair.

The Wave Artist Deep Waver Features A More Precise Heating Dial

One of the best things about the Wave Artist waver is that the waver allows you to adjust the temperature freely. If you are a professional stylist, then it will be worth trying the hair tool as you can set a precise temperature by moving the dial. The number of the heat settings is 30 so you can basically get a perfect custom heat with this Wave Artist deep waver.

Final Verdict – Bed Head A Wave We Go vs Wave Artist Deep Waver

The A-Wave-We-Go is more friendly to newbies as it comes with an adjustable and stable plate. If this is your first Bed Head waver, and I recommend you choose this A-Wave-We-Go. It is more versatile and it requires no technique while creating different types of waves.

If you’re really dealing with damaged hair or you want a more advanced heat control, then you’re likely better off opting for the Wave Artist deep waver as opposed to the A-Wave-We-Go hair waver. The model’s double tourmaline & ceramic technology can give your hair better protection and its temperature can be easily adjusted by a dial. But the only thing that may disappoint you is that it has no temperature indicators.

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