Look No Further, The Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Is Here!

You probably have experienced a hard hood hair dryer overhead in a salon, but do you know soft bonnet hair dryer is actually trending in homes now? For people thick and natural hair, using a bonnet hair dryer is a quite comfortable way to get hair dry quickly and healthily. But what’s so special of today’s soft bonnet hair dryer? Let’ find out together!

What’s Good About Bonnet Hair Dryers?

Free Your Hands

Bonnet hair dryers are more comfortable and easy to use. It doesn’t require any blow-drying or styling skills to get your a perfect blowout. While getting your hair dry, you just need to sit under the cap. Compared to a regular blow dryer, you won’t suffer from hand sore and fatigue.

Get Thick Hair Dry Thoroughly

If you have thick, kinky 4c natural hair, you know what I am talking about. Thick hair needs more hot airflow to make inside strands dry completely. So using a blow dryer is actually hard to get a decent blowout result. When you have full and thick hair, the inside of your hair can be still wet after a blow drying.

Less Heat Damage

A blow dryer’s high heat sometimes can burn your hair or cause serve heat damage to thick hair. Thus, a bonnet hair dryer with ions that deliver gentle airflow from all directions is an efficient way to dry thick curly hair.

Soft Bonnet vs Hard Bonnet

Compared with a hard bonnet hair dryer, a soft bonnet is more suitable for home use. And you can see its pros and cons right here.

Pros 1: More Portable

Since soft bonnet hair dryer does not require a stand, it’s easier to store and more portable to use. You can easily detach the hose and hat from the dryer and put them aside when you don’t use the hair dryer. And hair dryer with soft hood is smaller compared to a traditional hard hood dryer, so it can be portable to carry out.

Pros 2: Affordable

Hair dryer with soft bonnet usually come with a more friendly price, you can get a brand new soft bonnet dryer with under $50. However, buying a professional hard hood bonnet dryer can cost you at least $100. If you want to go advanced, the price can be much higher.

Con: Less Precise Temperature & Timer

Professional salons need hard bonnet dryers because these hair dryers have a timer that allows you to set a working time range. And you don’t have to worry about the time, the dryer will stop automatically. Besides, an upscale bonnet hair dryer has a precise heat setting, which is something that soft bonnet dryers do not have. A custom heat setting can achieve precise temperature controlling and you can get any temperature that suits your hair type.

5 Best Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer of 2020

1. Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Size: 3.6 x 13.4 x 11.8 inches

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Hose Length: About 3 ft

The Revlon soft bonnet hair dryer is an affordable and great quality hair tool in 2020. It looks quite similar to another brand’s called Laila Ali which is not available on Amazon. With its ionic technology, your hair can be protected by healthy negative ions. You have 4 settings when it comes to temperature: cool, low, medium, high. And the hose is attachable so you can remove it easily and pack the whole dryer in the storage case when there it is not in use.

2. Hot Tools Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Size: 3.6 x 13.4 x 11.8 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Hose Length: About 3 ft

As a upscale hair tool brand, the top-rated Hot Tools soft bonnet hair dryer can dry your gorgeous tresses conveniently and quickly. To help you reduce hair frizz and remove flyaways, this hair dryer uses ionic hair technology. When choosing a stylish hair dryer with professional features, this Hot Tool soft bonnet hair dryer can help hair conditioning and hair styling significantly. Want to a high-end home use bonnet hair dryer in 2020? Although this dryer is a bit pricy, it is still a really good one to try.

3. Gold N’ Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Size: 4.1 x 13.5 x 11.5 inches;

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Hose Length: About 2 ft

The 800 watts Gold N’ Hot soft bonnet dryer another smart pick for beautiful drying experience on a budget. It offers a storage box that is great for traveling, and you can put all the compartments easily into the case. The hose is retractable and the bonnet cap fits rollers of all sizes. Besides, there are jumbo-sized drawstrings for you to take it on the road.

As a high-performance hair dryer, the dryer also comes with anti-frizz ion technology, giving your hair the fullest and the shiniest look.

You can also see the drying performance in the video review below:


Size: 4 x 12.2 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 2 pounds

Hose Length: About 4 ft

On the lookout for a bargain? The Conair soft bonnet hair dryer could be it. It’s a simple hair dryer without fancy features, but it has it where it counts. As the most budget-friendly option, this hair dryer also comes with the most lightweight design. You can also get a bonus hot air vent brush attachment, which makes getting your hair straight and tangle-free is no longer a pain.

The soft hood hair dryer from Conair is simple, and there is only a button to control the speeds and heat. With a hair dryer like this, you can get the drying job done perfectly. Conair offers a pack of 2, so you can get a replacement when there is something wrong with the bonnet. You can also see how this works in the video below:

5. Andis Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

Size: 4.1 x 13.6 x 11.6 inches ;

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Hose Length: About 3.5 ft

Before you buy this Andis soft hood hair dryer, you should know the wattage of this dryer is only 500w. This means it can protect your hair from heat damage as much as possible. However, if you want to pursue a high-temperature model, it might not be the best one for you. Coming with ionic technology for fighting hair frizz and static, this Andis hair dryer has simple 2 speeds/heat settings. All the components including cap, hose, and roller fit together securely and easily. If you are thinking about buying a soft bonnet hair dryer for repair damaged hair, this Andis hair dryer is made for you.

Turn Your Blow Dryer Into A Soft Bonnet Dryer with Attachment

If you don’t want to buy a separate soft bonnet hair dryer, you can also make your regular blow dryer become one. Want to know how? You can see this useful bonnet attachment below:

MBM Hair Dryer Soft Bonnet Attachment

When you see the picture, you should already know how it works. It is simply a hair dryer attachment, and you can use this attachment to transform your blow dryer. Thanks to the adjustable drawstring and chin straps, the cap is securely safe and secure. With a large hood, you can style, condition or dry long thick hair more conveniently. In addition, the bonnet itself is made of Pu coated nylon materials and it’s waterproof and washable.

Also, they offer 10 free silicone hair curlers so that you can create curly hair perfectly with them.

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