Best Velcro Rollers for Volume – Achieve Curls Without Heat

If your hair has had heat damage before, a heatless method to get hair curled might sound like the best solution. And one of the most classic ways to boost hair volume without heat is using velcro rollers.

But many hair lovers don’t know what types of velcro rollers are good for creating bouncy voluminous style – Here you will see how to pick the best velcro rollers for volume and tips on adding hair volume with them.

How to Choose Velcro Rollers for Volume?

The Size of  Velcro Rollers

Tight curls are usually created by small velcro rollers, and big rollers tend to make your strands soft and wavy. But it doesn’t mean the smallest roller will give you the best result.

For most of us, regular 40-48mm hair rollers would be pretty good. But if you have fine hair or short hair, you should opt for smaller rollers. And long hair needs bigger rollers to hold the volume.

The best option is to buy a roller set that comes with different sizes of velcro rollers so you can make the most of them and use small and big rollers accordingly on your hair sections.

Quantity – How Many Velcro Rollers Do You Need?

Generally, a hair roller set that packs 16 – 20 rollers can fulfill the styling needs for my hair routine and I’d like to make the process simple and quick.

But if you want to go full out for the biggest volume, then use as many rollers as possible to cover all your hair sections. Especially for people with long hair or thick hair, you probably need to part your hair into more strands, so you may need more velcro rollers to get the job done.

The 3 Best Velcro Rollers for Volume – Also Versatile for Different Hair Types

AFANSO Hair Roller sets – 32 Velcro Rollers + 10 Clips

AFANSO velcro hair roller sets for volume

The roller set is like an all-in-one choice, it has 8 jumbo rollers(76mm), 8 Xlarge rollers(63mm), 8 large rollers(47mm), and 8 medium rollers(35mm). That said, you will have 32 rollers in total to help you create the styles. Plus, there are 10 hair clips that secure your hair and the rollers when you are rolling in.

The velcro roller set is very affordable and the rollers do not deliver frizz and static to your hair since they don’t produce heat damage. With the jumbo rollers, you can easily achieve beach waves and smooth the ends. And the small rollers also gently form your hairstyle with nice volume

CODACE 34 Velcro Rollers Set for Volume & Curls

CODACE 34 Velcro Rollers Set for Volume and Curls

The roller set is the most versatile one as it comes with rollers from 20mm to 44mm. Although the product does not have huge rollers, it does provide the most impressive velcro rollers to people who need maximum volume and sleek curls.

And these rollers are perfect for precise styling for bangs and ends. People with fine and thin hair will also find these rollers with velcro are the best size to start.

Additionally, I also love how they separate the sizes with different colors and it provides 10 bobby pins for holding your hair in place.

AFANSO Large-Sized Velcro Hair Roller Sets

AFANSO Large-Sized Velcro Hair Roller Sets

This hair roller set is a great fit for people with long or people who looking for huge rollers, The package has 12 pieces of 64mm Jumbo rollers and 12 pieces of large rollers, which are 48mm. Even though they look bulky but these rollers are still easy to roll in.

For people with long hair but want big volume, these velcro hair rollers can definitely help you. They do give your hair a charming volume with bouncy texture as long as you have enough hair length. And they separate the rollers with different colors, making you get the right roller without hesitation. And the pink and purple rollers are classic and have retro vibes, just like those rollers in the 80s salon.

Tip on Adding Hair Volume with Velcro Rollers

Volumizing Hair Spray

A good hair spray can make your hairstyle last longer and have a better texture. For people who need shiny and smooth hair with volume, a volumizing hair spray is recommended. If you are going to blow dry your hair later, the hair spray can also work as a heat protectant to protect hair from damage and dryness.

A Hair Dryer Brush Helps

Before curling your hair with velcro rollers, the first thing we are going to do is to soften our hair and make them manageable as possible. Many people would use hair dryer to straighten their hair first and tame their hair with heat, but there is a better tool – a blow dryer brush

A dryer brush that delivers gentle heat can pre-style and add some volume to your hair without the high heat, which leads to a better result.

How to Use Velcro Rollers for Volume – Outward or Inward?

Basically, rolling outward will create larger volume than rolling inward. But it does not mean you will have to always follow the rule. My personal experience is that I will start rolling in with my bang and the hair on the back of my head to ensure my style is clean. For the side sections, I prefer to roll the velcro rollers outward to gain more volume.

Wait and Blast Hair with Blow Dryer Again

To make sure your hair can be curled effectively, I would advise you to let those velcro rollers stay on your hair for more than half an hour. When you think it’s time to remove them, blast your hair with cold air to fix the look, which also helps your style to last longer.

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