T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Review – Should You Pay for It?

Finding hot rollers online is easy, but it does not mean you don’t need to do any research. And there are tons of hot rollers out there, do you know which brand is the most worth buying in 2021? Speaking of good-quality hot rollers, T3’s volumizing hot rollers set is a pretty high-end choice, but some people are wondering if they are really worth the money.

If you have the same question, today we are going to help you to find out if T3’s volumizing hot rollers are a good fit for you in this review

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Review – Package & Design

First impression sometimes can determine the value of a product, and this holds true for the T3 volumizing hot rollers. As a pricey hair tool, the roller set from T3 micro is pretty and well-designed.

The little bag that holds the rollers is convenient to use for traveling, and the black leather texture of the surface is comfortable to touch. Instead of using a cheap plastic box, the package of the T3 volumizing hot rollers is elegant and protective, we must say that it stands out in a crowd. Compared to regular hot rollers, the storage case is more portable and aesthetic, and we do really love it.

When it comes to the rollers, we love that every roller is equipped with rubber rings on both ends, which makes the roller can still be touchable even when it’s hot. And the roller set has two heat settings, so it is pretty easy to use. When the rollers are ready, the indicator in the middle will notify you. Overall, I absolutely love the design of the T3 volumizing hot rollers and I will give it a solid 9.5 out of 10.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe – Curling Performance Review

After testing the T3 hot rollers, I have something to share: These rollers are great in adding waves and curls to hair, and they can make your hair very bouncy, especially the small-sized rollers. The rollers are quick to heat up, and they can smoothen your hair with natural shine and sleekness.

I love how bouncy and full my hair is after using these rollers, but I am more impressed with the 1.5″ rollers as they create waves more obviously. For people who love soft beach waves, the larger rollers are probably a better fit for you. Additionally, although I mentioned that the rollers have cool grips, I will still use my heat glove since the roller body is still pretty hot.

Unfortunately, I could not finish all my hair with these rollers since there are only 8 rollers in total and I have thick and long hair. Honestly, if they have a 16 rollers set, I will definitely go for it.

Another disadvantage that I found about this roller set is that its hair clips sometimes can make my strands slightly kinky and frizzy after the curling process. So I used a more nourishing heat protectant before curling my hair with these rollers, which can reduce the kinks and frizz significantly.

Are They Worth the Money?

For me, I will say these T3 rollers are worth buying for sure as they can make my hair pretty curly and voluminous without causing much heat damage as my curling rod does. But I do understand why people are complaining about the price since there are only 8 rollers and its price is much higher than other hot rollers such as Conair secret curl rollers and BaBylissPRO roller hair setter.

But I do recommend you try these T3 volumizing Hot rollers if you are on the lookout for a great-quality hair roller set that brings less heat damage and delivers decent curly results to hair.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Review
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  • Curling Performance
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  • Price


T3 volumizing hot rollers luxe is an excellent rolling product and it can achieve bouncy curls as your hot curling wand does. Most importantly, it is more healthy and creates less heat damage to hair. But it is a bit expensive and the number of the rollers in this set may not satisfy people who with thick and long hair.

3 thoughts on “T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Review – Should You Pay for It?”

  1. love my T3, actually I bought two sets so I could have more rollers. they are great for fast rolling and they don’t have to be perfect and I still get big bouncy curls, it’s definitely better to spray hair with a heat protector. I have very fine hair and am afraid I might damage it otherwise.

  2. Nothing happens with the ‘ready light’ indicators in the middle of the rollers…I thought they are supposed to heat up in 2 min? What should happen? And is there some trick that I don’t find in the instruction manual that I should be doing? The rollers rotate , is that of some significance? Thanks

  3. My hair is straight as a stick and I am just looking for more volume in my hair as to curls. It does curl on the ends now but not a lot. I have tried these but they are a old set that my niece gave me. I have thin hair and the clips don’t want to hold good the rollers are flopping around. Do I need the small rollers instead of the big are could the clips be stretched out her hair is longer and thicker than mine.


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