Bio Ionic One Pass Vs 10X Styling Iron – How Do They Compare

Those shopping for a new high-end flat iron have many options, and Bio Ionic is a brand that is pretty worth considering. One of the best sellers from Bio Ionic – OnePass styling iron powered by NanoIonic MX, is always a popular choice on the market. Besides the famous OnePass styling iron, Bio Ionic also launched a 10X styling iron which seems more upscale than the original OnePass iron.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Bio Ionic One Pass and the Bio Ionic 10X styling iron compare. And here’s what to know about finding the right Bio Ionic iron for your hair texture in case you’re wondering.

Design: They have a similar finish, but slightly different

The Bio Ionic One Pass and Its 10X styling iron look familiar, that’s because they both have a black finish on the outside. (The Bio Ionic 10X iron has a special color option called Treasured Waters on their site). And both of them have a small digital display on the handle.

The shapes of these irons are not quite the same: They both have an oval tip, but when you close the plates, you will find the shape of the Bio Ionic 10X is just like a cylinder. Besides, you can see the Bio Ionic One Pass flat iron’s plates have silicone strips for reducing clamping damage.

What is also different is that the Bio Ionic 10X styling iron has the control buttons on the side of the handle while the Bio Ionic One Pass’s setting buttons are below the lower heating plate. For me, the buttons of the 10X styling iron are more convenient to use. On top of that, the Bio Ionic 10X styling iron has an upgraded swivel cord, which allows you to rotate the cord freely and have more flexibility while styling hair.


However, the Bio Ionic 10X styling iron features 1″ plates. If you are looking for big plates for long and thick hair, Bio Ionic One Pass offers 1″ or 1.5″ options to choose from.

Technology: Bio Ionic 10X Comes with Sonic Vibrating Plates

As mentioned above, the Bio Ionic 10X does not have silicone strips, but it does not mean it is a flaw. Actually, the Bio Ionic 10X has a unique feature – sonic vibrating plates, which do not need the plates to touch each other completely. According to Bio Ionic, the sonic vibrating plates can help the iron glide through hair and increase surface contact to achieve more smooth and shiny results. This is a smarter way compared to passing hair over and over again with regular irons.

As for the core technology, the specifications say they are pretty much the same: Both Bio Ionic 10X and Bio Ionic One Pass are equipped with ceramic mineral complex, BioCeramic MCH Heater with far-infrared heat. But we notice that one difference: the Bio Ionic 10X is infused with Volcanic Rock MX while the Bio Ionic One Pass is powered by NanoIonic MX. To be honest, these are terms are fancy, but we don’t have a way to tell the difference. So, let’s see the performance directly.

Styling Performance: They Deliver Shine, Sleekness, and Moisture Both, But 10X Is More Friendly for Creating Curly Hair

Frankly speaking, the One Pass flat iron is powerful enough to get the straightening job done perfectly. The One Pass flat iron is even more powerful than the 10X sometimes to tame messy curls as the plates can close fully and tight. Despite different technologies and infused materials they claim, 10X and One Pass don’t have obvious differences in straightening hair. Your hair will stay moisturized and sleek and these two irons can add much shine and bounce to your cuticles to make sure the final result is fabulous and healthy-looking.

However, I found the 10X is much easier to use when it comes to curling hair. The slim round body and swivel cord make rotating the iron freely and effortlessly. And the long thin shape of the iron works like a curling iron. Also, the small-sized plates make adding curls and waves to short hair is no longer a difficult task.

Overall, the One Pass flat iron and the 10X styling iron had a tie game in terms of straightening hair. People with thick hair would probably find the 1.5″ plates of the Bio Ionic One Pass more worth considering. Regarding final results, they do provide you with very shiny and healthy looks. But I would still invest in the 10X styling iron, not for the fancy vibrating feature, but for its slimmer design and curling convenience, even though it is more pricey than the One Pass.

The last thing I am curious about is that if the One Pass styling iron has dual voltage feature, I am confused because Bio Ionic says the One Pass has Universal Voltage on the product page, but it seems not true according to their official styling iron comparison table. (BTW, this table also incorrectly lists the Sonic Vibration under the One Pass instead of 10X). Let me know if you know the answer.

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