FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le’Se7en Curling Wand Review

Getting voluminous curls like a pro is impossible without a professional curling wand. And I could be telling you that the FoxyBae 7 in 1 curling set is one of the competitive curling wand set you could buy.

It has been one of the rapidly trending products to the range of curling wand products. After all, it has 7 interchangeable curling barrels that seem professional for curls.

But, there is still something you might not about this curling wand set. To see if this curling set is the right product for you, let’s see jump into FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le’Se7en curling wand review.

FoxyBae 7 in 1 Curling Wand Review – 7 Interchangeable Barrels

The most important component for a curling wand is its barrel, and you will get 7 different barrels in the box of the rose gold FoxyBae curling styler set.

The curling wand set features 7 interchangeable barrels for you to create different looks. There are three regular barrels (19mm, 25mm, 32mm), two spiral barrels (25mm, 32mm), a pearl barrel, and a reverse barrel.

The smaller the barrel is, the more curls and ringlets will appear on your hair. And its spiral barrels allow you to add more bouncy spring-like curls to your tresses. (They look weird though.)

For a curling wand, the FoxyBae 7 in 1 set definitely is qualified. It contains all types of barrels to meet your styling needs.

But, how effective can this curling wand be when using it to curl our hair in real life? Let’s see its temperature and power of styling in the next part.

How High Is The Highest Heat Setting? – 450 Degrees!

The FoxyBae 7 in 1 curling wand’s maximum temperature can reach 450 degrees.

That is to say, it is a super hot hair tool when you set the heat to the highest level. The temperature can curl your hair in seconds. It is not something weak that just gives your hair slight waves, but an extremely powerful hair curler. No matter how hard your strands are, it is just a small case for this curling wand.

What’s more, I see titanium material in its feature list. For people who don’t know what titanium is, it is a material that distributes consistent infrared heat. It has better and stronger heat distribution compared to other metal materials.

Also, you can adjust the heat by pressing the buttons on the handle. The LED indicator will tell you what temperature you are using right now.

To achieve perfect curly hair, you need to pick a small section and wrap it around the curler and hold it for a few seconds. So you just need a few minutes to get the whole styling process done.

For a hot hair tool like this, a heat protectant that protects your hair from getting severe heat damage is a must. If you want to learn more about how to pick a right hair heat protectant or heat primer, see our heat protectant buying guides.

Actually, the FoxyBae curling wand itself features some technologies that help you to lower the damage as much as possible. What are they? Let’s see the part below!

What Technologies Does The FoxyBae 7 in 1 Curling Wand Have?

Negative Ion Technology

The negative ion technology is a built-in feature that you can get from this curling set. Negative ions are beneficial for your hair, especially when you are applying heat to it.

If you choose a hot hair tool without an ion technology, your hair can be very frizzy and dry after using the hair tool. And negative ions can add more shine to your strands by providing an invisible protective barrier, which can minimize the heat damage and boost your hair quality.

Advanced Responsive Technology

Thanks to the titanium materials that we mentioned above, the FoxyBae claims that their 7 in 1 curling wand is using an advanced responsive technology that can emit the infrared heat more quickly, more evenly, and more effectively than any curling wands on the market.

The Downside of The FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le’Se7en Curling Wand

It’s A Pricey Curling Wand Set

When it comes to the price of this curling wand set, it’s very confusing.

The MSRP of the FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le’Se7en curling wand on their official website is $299. However, they are selling exactly the same product on Amazon at the price of $159, and they say the original sales price is $289 on its Amazon product page.

Well, whether it is $299 or $159, it is indeed an expensive curling wand set compared to other versatile curling wand sets.

No Ceramic & Tourmaline Surface Glide

In these days, most curling wands distinguish themselves by adding more and more technologies to lower the heat damage. And tourmaline and ceramic materials are most commonly used to get your hair more protective.

Unfortunately, I did not find any info of ceramic technology and tourmaline materials in the FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le’Se7en curling wand this time. I hope they can upgrade in the future.

FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le'Se7en Curling Wand Review
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  • Barrels Quantity
  • Temperature Settings
  • Hair Care Technology
  • Price


The FoxyBae 7 in 1 Le’Se7en Curling Wand is a well-performance hair tool when it comes to adding curls and waves. It is hot enough and adjustable, which means you can get curly hair within a few minutes. But, the sales price is a bit pricey and confusing to customers because they have different prices on different platforms. (To find more info about FoxyBae’s product, you can also see our FoxyBae blow dryer review & buying guide)

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