Remington Proluxe Hair Dryer Review


The Remington Proluxe is not the most advanced hair dryer of its generation. But you may be interested in it since it’s one of the most popular models on Amazon UK. Will you regret buying this blow dryer? Here’s see this review and hear what other customers say. Design-wise, it’s a decent dryer Aesthetically, the … Read more

Laifen Swift Hair Dryer Review – The Best Dyson Competitor in 2022?


We’ve seen tons of Dyson alternatives over the past few years, but none of them really reached a standard that truly amazed us. Interestingly, I heard the emerging Laifen Swift hair dryer is a new impressive model compared to other Dyson dupes and it’s much cheaper than a real Dyson. We’ll see if this is a … Read more

Honest Review – Shark Hyperair IQ AirWave Hair Dryer Attachment


The Shark HyperAIR blow dryer is definitely one of the special high-end hair dryers that just came out in 2021. What impressed us the most was the Shark’s adjustable and smart attachments with which you can have various options for styling your hair, and none of the hair dryers on the market has the attachments … Read more