Blow Drying Tips – How to Blow Dry the Back of Your Hair

I know many hair enthusiasts can style their hair on the front perfectly, but they are not very good at blow drying the back of their hair decently since we can’t directly see the back of our heads. And some of them even didn’t realize their hair on the back of the head was a mess when they went out.

You can go to a nice salon to get a nice haircut easily, but how to maintain its beauty is also important. But you know what we are doing today? Finding out the best way to blow dry the back of your hair to make it voluminous and full.

Tips for Blow Drying the Back of Your Hair

Tip 1. – Make the back section as manageable as possible before styling

A crucial way to ensure that your hair on the back of your hair is not frizzy and messy after blowouts is to add more moisture to the hair shafts to make them smooth and easy to manage.

You don’t need any complicated blow drying technique, all you wanna do is to apply a nourishing heat protectant, hair cream or spray on your hair to significantly make your strands softer.

Besides, detangling your hair with a comb is another thing you might need to do to ensure the back of your hair is ready to be blow-dried.

Tip 2. How to add volume to the back of Your Hair? Use a round brush!

Blow drying the back of your hair is challenging because people can make the hair sections very flat and shrunken. To improve the volume on the back of your hair, a big round brush is a good tool to use.

Just place the round brush under the hair on the back of your hair when blow-drying and roll the brush downwards, and consistently direct the hot air to the brush. The shape of the back of your hair will be fuller and bouncier. Moreover, some people will bow and make their head upside down and brush their hair to the floor’s direction to gain more body and volume.

Tip 3. A blow dryer diffuser is excellent for curls

For people who need to keep their great waves and curls on the back of their hair, a diffuser is a foolproof hair dryer tool to use. You don’t need to worry if the strong airflow will degrade those glamorous curls or fantastic beach waves. A diffuser will hold a big amount of curls at one time and disperse the airflow gently.

Even if you don’t have curly hair, a nice diffuser can make sure your existing hairstyle is intact as the airflow is not too concentrated. And the best thing is that you don’t need any tutorial to start using a blow dryer diffuser, so you should not miss this attachment.

Tip 4. How to blow dry the back of your hair more precisely? Two mirrors can help!

The biggest problem with blow drying the hair on the back of our heads is that we can’t see what the blow dryer does to our hair directly. To solve the problem and view the final results clearly, I would recommend you to try another mirror with your restroom mirror together if you pursue a flawless blowout for the hair on the back of your head.

To perfectly blow dry the back of your hair, you need to be holding a handheld mirror and face the small mirror, and turn your back on the mirror to start the hair drying process. But the downside is that you are only left with one free hand. If you have a portable standing mirror, it couldn’t be better! Or, there is another solution that you can buy a 3-way mirror for DIY hair cutting at home, which can free your both hands as well.

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