Revlon Cordless Rechargeable Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Revlon’s latest cordless flat iron creates a new path that allows you to style and straighten hair anywhere without having a socket around. We’ve seen many battery-powered styling tools before including cordless hair dryers, and cordless curlers, but some of their lack of styling performance has disappointed us. Will this new Revlon cordless flat iron amaze us? Let’s reveal it!

The Design Basics: Small and Lightweight

The Revlon cordless flat iron features a simple aesthetic. The handle and clamp are all rosy pink except the metal plates and the control buttons, with a few lighter indicators. The wireless straightener is pretty lightweight, and it is only around 13 ounces according to Revlon’s specs.

Since this compact flat iron is lightweight and battery-operated, the plates are not as long as traditional flat iron with power cords. This is the obvious difference if you compare this cordless flat iron to regular flat irons.

Styling Performance – Straightening & Curling

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Straightening Result – Not Amazing But Fine

The cordless flat iron from Revlon has three levels of temperature, and the highest heat can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is basically equally powerful to regular wired hot straighteners. And the result for straightening is decent and you can make your hair pretty straight, but you need to give your hair section several passes. But as a portable cordless flat iron? It is worth it.

Although tourmaline ceramic technology is used to aid in reducing heat damage and adding hair shine, this cordless flat iron still gave my hair slight frizz and dryness, I don’t know if it’s because of multiple passes or my straightening technique.

Curling Result – It Creates Tight Curls

Surprisingly, I’m quite satisfied with the curling performance as it delivered bouncy and tight curls to me. Thanks to the smaller body, you can easily roll the cordless flat iron without the limits of a power cable. And the curling result was great with defined curls and bouncy texture.

More luckily, I did not get any uncomfortable feelings and severe heat damage on my hair. All the curls were formed in one time and I did not fail with this flat iron at all.

A Bit About The Styling Experience

Heat-up Time

Unless you want a flat iron with super-fast heat-up time, Revlon’s cordless flat iron gets ready for styling in 1 minute on average, which is acceptable for me. Undoubtedly, it can not be compared to those premium straighteners that heat up in seconds. But considering is a cordless styling tool, the heat-up time is great in my view.

The Clamp Is Not That Useful

I found a problem during my straightening process, the plates did not flatten my hair very tight. So, to make my hair more straight and can be better heated by the plates, I needed to grab the two ends of the flat iron to apply extra force to the plates. Basically, the clamp does not clamp firmly, and the small plates do not hold much hair at a time. I have middle-length hair and my hair is kind of soft, so if you are wondering if this cordless flat iron can straighten thick or tightly coiled hair that is not that easy to manage? I don’t know.

Battery Life Is Too Short for Long Hair

Revlon claims that this cordless flat iron can work up to 30 minutes after fully charged. I thought that would be enough for at least two times straightening routine, but I was wrong.
Since the plates are too small so that you cannot finish your hair section quickly, and you have to give every hair strands a few passes to tame them.

Thus, this cordless can only complete your look one time after you charge the battery. The worse thing is that it can not work with the USB cable plugged into an adapter. If you are halfway through your styling and the battery is dead? I’m sorry, you have to wait until the battery is charged.

My Review – Is It a Good Flat Iron to Buy?

I would say this Revlon cordless is high-quality among hair tools with built-in batteries, and it provides similar styling performance when it comes to straightening and curling, which is pretty impressive for me.

But the drawbacks are expected as well, the battery does not last pretty long and you need to wait longer till the flat iron is completely ready before styling.

In conclusion, I think this cordless flat iron is suitable for people who need a portable flat iron that can be used anywhere, even without electricity around. If you are looking for a home-use styler, this should not be your first option.

Revlon Cordless Rechargeable Ceramic Flat Iron Review
  • Design
  • Straightening Performance
  • Curling Performance
  • Styling Experience
  • Price



  • Decent Styling Result
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable



  • Slow Heat-up Time
  • Battery Life Is Short
  • Small Heating Plates

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