Quick Tutorial: How to Blow Dry Men’s Long Hair

I’ve received many questions about men’s hair, and a common one is about blow drying men’s long hair. People usually come to ask if there is any difference between the technique of blow drying men’s long hair and women’s hair.

The answer is yes, but blow drying men’s long hair is actually easy. Thus, to help all the fellows with long hair, I going to teach you how to blow dry men’s long hair conveniently in this post.

How to Blow Dry Men’s Long Hair – Preparation

Wash Your Hair Thoroughly

To keep your hair look healthy and attractive, it’s essential to wash your hair with proper hair products. For example, you should not go for a greasy shampoo if your hair is thin since it is going to weigh down your hair. On the contrary, you are not supposed to try a very lightweight conditioner if your hair tends to be frizzy and dry.

Styling Comb & Round Brush

With a comb, we can easily part our hairline and smoothen our hair easily before we blow drying our long hair. And a round brush is also helpful for creating more styles when blow drying our hair sections.

If possible, find a few hair clips that fix our hair, and it will make the blowout process much easier as well.

Blow Dryer with Nozzles

To help blow dry men’s long hair quickly and precisely, I will recommend everyone should buy a blow dryer with multiple nozzles. A narrow nozzle can ensure a perfect result on a specific hair and a wide narrow can shorten the blow-drying time, which is pretty important for drying long hair.

Hair Products

You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive hair care products. For men’s long hair, a cheap hair protectant spray can simply do the work. If you want your hairstyle to maintain longer, a hair styling spray is also worth-considering.

How to Blow Dry Men’s Long Hair – Drying Technique

Step 1. Towel Dry, Don’t Start Blow Drying Immediately

After washing your hair, don’t turn on your blow dryer first. You can towel dry your hair till it’s not dripping water. Otherwise, your hair can be frizzy after the blowout.

Step 2. Apply Heat Protectant

Once your hair is damp, apply your heat protectant to your hair. Make sure all the hair is applied with the heat protectant. Since men’s long hair requires a relatively long drying process, so heat protection is a must.

Step 3. Part Your Hair with a Comb

Clearly parting long hair is going to help us to blow dry these hair sections more conveniently. For men’s long hair, a simple left, right, front parting is good. On top of that, you can secure these sections with hair clips.

Step 4. Blow Dry Side Hair with Round Brush

A round hairbrush is used to make men’s long hair more manageable. And I prefer starting with your left or right hair section. When blow drying the hair, the brush should be placed behind the hair section, and direct airflow to the brush. If you want to make your hair straighter and smoother, you can glide the brush downward directly. Or, if you want to add some waves to your hair, you can roll the round brush.

Step 5. Blow Dry Front Hair

I personally love the technique that people brush their front hair to the back. Lift your top hair with the round brush and brush backward. Meanwhile, blow dry the hair with hot air. This is going to make your hair has more volume. If you’d like to make the hairstyle a bit “messy” on purpose, you can style your hair with your fingertips when it’s done.

Step 6. Make Your Hair Last Longer

After the blowout, give your whole head some quick cold hair, which is going to lock in the style. For people who need to keep the style throughout the day, this is when you need to spray your hair styling products.

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