How to Blow Dry Men’s Afro-Textured Black Hair

“How come that guy’s hair is so way cooler than mine? We all have natural hair!”

If you have been wondering how to give your natural hair a perfect blowout, then you have found the right place. In this post, we will be showing you some tips for blow drying Men’s afro-textured hairstyle. For African Americans, this is the key to make your natural hair bouncier, more voluminous, and more healthy.

Hair Tools for Blow Dry Men’s Natural Hair


A comb is to use as a detangler before the blow drying process and it is also a styler that we control how our hair should look like. For men with natural hair like 4B or 4C type, a comb with fine teeth is more efficient when it comes to detangling hair knots. And if your hair is thick or long, make sure your comb is large and long enough so that you won’t be exhausted after the blowout.

Heat Protectant

Before starting, you should choose a heat protectant that protects your hair. For men’s black hair, it is common to use some heat primers with higher heat protection since blow drying natural hair needs more time and heat. But if you don’t like those heat primers with heavy texture, you could also choose a lightweight one, but remember to make sure the heat protectant should come with protection up to 450 degrees.

Blow Dryer (Nozzle Pick Is Recommended)

Great hair all begins with a great blow dryer! If you prefer a short drying time, a blow dryer with high wattage is recommended. But don’t forget to protect your hair since the airflow is going to be very hot. Normally, we just need a simple comb to straighten our hair at home. But If you are running a salon, a blow dryer with a comb nozzle is perfect for you to detangle people’s natural hair while blow drying.

How to Blow Dry Men’s Afro-Textured Curly Hair

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

There is nothing special when washing men’s natural hair! You can use any shampoo that you like as long as it will not cause any bad feelings on your hair. If you prefer to make it safe, a shampoo for natural hair is a good choice.

Step 2: Detangle Your Hair

Detangle your hair with a comb and comb your hair until there are no obvious hair knots. For people with frizzy hair, a comb with wide teeth is more suitable as it will create much frizz and static when combing through your strands.

Step 3. Use Heat Protectant

If you don’t know what types of heat protectant are right, you can see our recommendation for men’s natural hair such as 4B and 4C. And a good heat protectant sometimes can also be used as a leave-in conditioner, which is a big advantage for lazy people like me.

After the step, you can part your hair into bunches if it is very long so that they are easier to get managed and styled later, or you can start blow drying directly.

Step 4. Let’s Start Blow Drying

Turn on your blow dryer, and I usually will go for a medium heat setting because I don’t want it to burn my hair.

Lift your hair and straighten it towards one direction with your comb and change the combing direction, which is to make your hair has more volume. In the meantime, direct hot air to the hair roots so that we can make sure the hair can stand up and be easily styled.

When the hair is roughly dry, you can comb it upwards if you prefer a more voluminous look. And you should do this to every section of your hair until they are evenly dry.

Blow drying men’s afro-textured hair does not have a correct answer, this all depends on how do you want your hair to look. If you want to have more hair volume and make your natural hair longer, you should make sure that you comb your hair pretty slowly and repeat the process patiently since natural hair is tough to tame.

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