Remington Pro Wet2Style Blow Dryer & Volumizing Brush Review

If you are considering an affordable hair dryer with a special design that looks nothing like those old boring handheld dryers, know that the Remington Pro Wet2Style blow dryer is a solid option. it’s got plenty of attachments and comes at a price that makes it a great choice for anyone shopping on a budget.

However, you might be wondering if the cheap blow dryer can really meet your drying needs. We’ve got you. See our review before you decide if it is worth buying.

Remington Pro Wet2Style Hair Dryer Review

What I Love About The Hair Dryer

The Remington Wet 2 Style hair dryer has almost the same size as regular travel hair dryers at first glance, yet I found it’s more lightweight than regular small-sized dryers as the unique design makes the dryer body very thin.

The portable dryer comes with a 1875W powerful motor that offers up fast and efficient drying power, and it has 3 heat settings and 2 speeds just like any other full-sized hair dryer. Although it’s a smaller hair dryer, it doesn’t mean your hair drying time will be longer.

If you love styling your hair when blow-drying your hair at the same time, this Remington Wet 2 Style blow dryer can be very useful for you. Why is that? The hair dryer has 4 different attachments for different styling needs, you can always find a suitable one for your hair type. The included attachments include a detangle with fine teeth, a blowout boost that works perfectly with your round brush, a diffuser that defines curls, and a slipstream that makes your strands smooth and tamed. Most importantly, these hair attachments stay on the dryer more securely compared to regular attachments, and they won’t accidentally pop off during the styling process.

Things I Don’t Like

Since it’s a very affordable hair dryer that you can get with only about $35, I won’t expect this product to be a very professional dryer that provides premium features and salon-grade styling results.

But there’s one thing I need to point out, it doesn’t come with a normal nozzle attachment in the box. So it may take you some time to get used to drying hair without a concentrator.

Remington Pro Wet2style Oval Dryer & Volumizing Brush Review

If you are looking for a hair dryer brush, Remington has it too! Instead of a simple hair dryer, a dryer brush combines a round brush and a dryer, making it easier to create waves and curls when your hair is damp.

Remington’s Wet2style dryer brush is also a very budget-friendly styler, and it can be a better option for people who needs casual waves. Sorry to tell you that I didn’t buy the dryer because I’ve already had so many similar products. But I’m confident to share some pros and cons based on the comments that I saw online.

Pros – The Wet2style dryer brush provides decent drying power and temperature settings like those expensive models. Although this product is pretty cheap, it doesn’t damage your hair or create any discomfort on your hair or scalp. Overall, It’s a pleasure to use for your hair styling routine. it may not be the best hair dryer brush with a premium experience, but it still gets the job done nicely and you don’t need to spend tons of money to get it.

Cons – I fully expected the Remington Wet2style dryer brush can be more sturdy than the Revlon One-Step, but no, it’s packing a very short and thin power cord, which is not ideal for people who need to move while styling. Moreover, when you set the temp settings on high, the oval barrel tip is not as cool as other brushes, which makes it impossible to grab two brush ends to straighten the strands. Another problem is that many people found this hair dryer brush from Remington Pro has a slight burning plastic smell when the temperature is too hot.

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