Do Hotels Have Hair Dryer in Their Rooms? – Things You Should Know

Planning a trip but hesitating over whether or not to take your blow dryer to the hotel? Don’t worry, we are here to clear your confusion.

#1. Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Blow Dryers

Do Hotels Have Hair Dryers?

Although different properties cater to different markets, a hair dryer is always a standard for each hotel room.

You don’t need to be worried that you are going to sleep on your wet hair overnight. All the hotels will have blow dryers provided.

I Can’t Find the Dryer In My Hotel Room, Where Is It?

Usually, hotels will put their hair dryers in the bathrooms so you can immediately blow dry your hair after showering. Some hotels have wall mounted hair dryers to make sure your safety, so you don’t need to plug in/out the dryer every time.

Of course, there are some hotels that provide you with conventional handheld blow dryers. If you don’t see there is a dryer near the washbasin, don’t forget to check out the dressers and chest of drawers.

Are Hotel Hair Dryers Bad for My Hair?

Well, Hotel wall mounted hair dryers are usually cheap & old models. They might not give you the best drying result as they don’t have advanced hair care technologies.

Some cheap model blow dryers in the hotel rooms are easy to burn your hair. If your hair is long and thick and you need a longer time to dry your hair, these hotel hair dryers will get too hot as they don’t have a smart temperature control system.

#2. Why Use Your Own Blow Dryer Instead of Hotel Blow Dryers?

Hotel Blow Dryers May Have Sanitation Issues

When it comes to hotel cleanliness, most of us will think of bedsheets and toilets.

However, the cleanliness of the hotel blow dryers is something that most people ignore.

Actually, the dryers in the hotels might be nastier than you think as some hotels may not disinfect the hair dryers periodically, which makes the blow dryer a wonderland for germs and viruses.

Hotel Blow Dryers Have Weak Performance

If you want to achieve a perfect blowout, then you should never use the blow dryer in the hotel.

They usually will make your hair frizzy and brittle because they only have very basic heat control and no hair care features.

You can accidentally burn your skin with an inferior dryer in the hotel room as their airflow sometimes can get too hot. Or some cheap models only give you powerless airflow, making the drying process a mess.

#3. What to Notice When Taking a Blow Dryer to Your Hotel Room?

Chose a Lightweight Travel Blow Dryer

You certainly don’t want to add extra burdens to your luggage, so a compact lightweight hair dryer is what you need.

A heavy bulky blow dryer is going to make your trip much harder, so I would recommend you use a blow dryer with a folding handle when traveling, which can reduce the size of the dryer as possible.

Going Abroad? Check Your Blow Dryer’s Voltage & Plug Type

There are many countries that are using different voltages. In the U.S., power outlets provide 120 volts at 60 Hz.

But you may find some countries in Europe have outlets that run on 250 volts. That is why you should check out the voltage limit of your blow dryer.

Or, you can also turn to a blow dryer that has a dual voltage feature, this type of travel dryer can be used in any hotel rooms in the world.

Besides the voltage problem, don’t forget to bring a power adapter with you as some foreign countries have different plug types from us.

Make sure you have the right power adapter before you leave your home. Otherwise, you may find your blow dryer can be malfunctioning in the hotel room.

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